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Federal Funds For Transportation Projects Could Dry Up, Says Foxx

In a letter to every state department of transportation, Transportation Secretary Foxx says the fund for roads, bridges and transit systems will face a shortfall by the end of summer, probably in August, unless Congress acts to replenish it.
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While Uber Skirts D.C. Taxi Surcharge Rules, Some Drivers Pay Twice

All taxi rides in D.C. come with a 25 cent surcharge, but Uber, an app-based hailing service that has fought with city regulators, isn't paying the surcharges at all.
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Motorcycle Fatalities Down In 2013, But More Due To Weather Than Safety

A dearth of good riding days was response for a dip in the number of motorcycle fatalities in D.C., Maryland and Virginia, where officials would like to see higher rates of helmet use.

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Speed-Camera Violations Drop In D.C.

The number of speed-camera violations is declining in the District, along with revenue those violations generate.
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Seven In 10 Northern Virginia Motorists Drive Alone, Spend 30 Minutes In Car

Sixty-nine percent of motorists in Northern Virginia drive alone, and more than half spend more than 30 minutes in the car during their commutes.
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Maryland Officials Warn Of Insurance Pitfalls With Ridesharing Services

Maryland has joined six other states in issuing warnings to drivers for services like Uber, Lyft and Sidecar, saying their insurance may not offer enough protection.

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Metrorail To Run Limited Service This Weekend

Scheduled track work will cause delays around the Metro system this weekend, but some planned work is being cancelled because of this week's wet weather.
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From A To B: Silver Line Preps For Testing, UberX Suffers Insurance Woes

In our monthly transportation segment, we get up to speed on what's happening with the region's trains and automobiles.
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Federal Loan Helps Put Freeze On Dulles Toll Road Rates

Rates on the Dulles Toll Road are expected to stay the same through 2018 after increasing each of the last five years.
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Panama Canal Expansion and our Region's Ports

The Panama Canal, now a century old, is currently undergoing a massive expansion in order to handle the larger ships now in operation. We explore what the larger ships, twice the size of those that can currently pass, mean for our region's ports.