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How To Get To (Or Avoid Entirely) The Concert For Valor On Veterans Day

The Concert For Valor will feature many big-name acts performing in homage to the nation's service members and their families, but it won't be easy getting to or from there.

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Final Segment Of Intercounty Connector In Maryland Open Monday

The highway connecting I-270 with I-95 in Prince George's County is complete, as the last 1.5 miles was opened Monday morning. The question remains: will traffic on the road pick up?

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Was Reelection Of Vihstadt In Arlington A Referendum On Streetcar?

Independent Arlington County council candidate John Vihstadt won in both a special election and a general election this year campaigning against the streetcar, but advocates of the project say that doesn't mean voters are necessarily against it.

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Cyclists May Have To Wait Until Next Year To Change Contributory Negligence Law

A final vote on bill that would help victims of bicycle accidents receive compensation for injuries was delayed until Wednesday, and could be pushed to next year.
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Crash Compensation Bill Expected To Die In D.C. Council Committee Again

The insurance industry opposes legislation intended to help cyclists and pedestrians receive compensation for crash injuries.

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What Does Larry Hogan's Election Mean For The Purple Line?

The Republican businessman who won Tuesday's Maryland gubernatorial election might not squash the transit project as many assume.
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Listen: The Voice Of Metro Talks About The ‘Perks’ Of Being A D.C. Celebrity

Randi Miller has been the "Voice of Metro" since winning a contest in 2006. In two minutes, she explained the "perks" (we use the term loosely) of being a D.C. celebrity.

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Decisions On Streetcar Await The District's Next Mayor

The District Department of Transportation has scaled back the planned streetcar system from 22 miles to 8 — and whether that's restored may depend on who wins the race for mayor.

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What It Takes To Get A Badly Needed Speed Camera In D.C.

Residents of the Capitol Hill neighborhood have finally gotten a speed camera on a busy Maryland Avenue intersection, but they say the process is too difficult and time-consuming.
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Where Are The New D.C. Traffic Cameras?

Eight new traffic cameras were added to D.C. streets effective Monday — check out a map of the new locations.