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DDOT Requests Top-To-Bottom Review For D.C. Streetcar After Series Of Delays

Former Mayor Vincent Gray was hoping to see the D.C. Streetcar start running on H Street before he left office, but now with Muriel Bowser at the helm, the line is subject to renewed scrutiny and review.

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D.C. Not Moving Fast Enough To Add Wheelchair-Accessible Cabs, Advocates Say

Just 20 of 6,000 taxicabs in D.C. were wheelchair accessible last year, and advocates for the disabled say new regulations to add to that number just aren't fast enough.

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Metro Grilled On Safety In Congressional Hearing

At Friday's hearing before a House oversight committee, lawmakers grilled Metro about its safety culture.
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Metro Delays Vote On Proposal To Raise Fares And Cut Service

Metro's Board of Directors delayed for two weeks a vote on a proposal to raise fares and cut train service to help close a projected $100 million operating budget deficit.
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As Bridges Start To Show Their Age, Maryland To Inspect 27 Of Them

The state of Maryland is conducting safety inspections of 27 bridges that fit the profile of one along the Capital Beltway in Prince George's County, where a piece of concrete fell from the bottom of the bridge and hit a car.
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Construction On 395 Will Be Minimally Disruptive, DDOT Says

District officials say the first phase of work at the 395-Third Street Tunnel project will cause minimal traffic problems — after dumping the idea of closing a stretch of the interstate highway to help out a real estate developer.
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Maryland Roads Are No Place For Horse Meat, Delegate Says

Del. Jeff Waldstreicher says carcasses of dead horses are being transported on Maryland roads bound for slaughterhouses in both Canada and Mexico, and he wants to stop it.

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Budget Squeeze Puts Metro On A Path To Raise Fares Early

The transit agency usually proposes hikes every other year, but a 10-cent increase could be in the works this year, ahead of schedule.

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Uber, Lyft Would Face Taxi-Style Rules In Virginia Under New Legislation

The ride-hailing legislation would "ensure the safety of passengers, drivers, the public, provide citizens for transportation options, and provide access for new businesses," says its House sponsor.

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Metro Takes More Heat From Investigators, This Time Over Ventilation Procedures

The transit agency had its claims of an improved safety culture undermined again on Wednesday when federal investigators disclosed another failure related to the fatal smoke incident on Jan. 12.