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The 'Silver Spring War': Inside The Rebirth Of A Downtown

Silver Spring wasn't always the walkable center of smart growth it is now — it took a contentious 20 years of redevelopment to bring about rebirth that residents call the "Silver Spring War."

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D.C. Regulators Target UberX, Lyft And Sidecar On Insurance, Hours

Insurance regulations are on the way for drivers on smartphone-based car services like UberX, Lyft and Sidecar, which could also restrict the number of hours they can be on the road.

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Silver Line Delays Holding Up Tysons Corner Development

Few groups are awaiting the opening of the Silver Line as anxiously as developers in Tysons Corner, Va., where office and rental spaces await an influx of occupants. 

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Is Metro Service Worth The Fare Hike?

Most Metro fares are going up. But has service improved enough to justify the increased price?
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Ward 2: Lessening Gridlock in Georgetown

What can alleviate Georgetown's traffic gridlock? Local officials are exploring everything from street cars to a gondola across the Potomac River.
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What Will Metro's Expected Fare Increase Pay For?

Metro's board of directors is expected to approve fare hikes today, and while some of that increase is going towards the Silver Line, some critics say union costs are driving up the amount riders pay at fare gates.

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For Businesses, Capital Bikeshare Good For The Bottom Line

Capital Bikeshare docks have a measurably positive impact for the businesses around them, according to a survey conducted by Mobility Labs.

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How Did Silver Line Problems Evade Layers Of Oversight?

Problems with the Silver Line have pushed back the opening of Phase I to the summer, leaving questions as to how, with multiple layers of public oversight on the project, these issues weren't addressed earlier.

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As Purple Line Moves Forward, Supporters Convene

A group of Purple Line proponents held its inaugural meeting on Friday, and they fully expect resistance to the light-rail project.
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From A To B: Searching For Silver Line's Silver Lining

Surprise, surprise! The Silver Line to Dulles has been put on hold yet again; we find out why.