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Listen: The Voice Of Metro Talks About The ‘Perks’ Of Being A D.C. Celebrity

Randi Miller has been the "Voice of Metro" since winning a contest in 2006. In two minutes, she explained the "perks" (we use the term loosely) of being a D.C. celebrity.

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Decisions On Streetcar Await The District's Next Mayor

The District Department of Transportation has scaled back the planned streetcar system from 22 miles to 8 — and whether that's restored may depend on who wins the race for mayor.

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What It Takes To Get A Badly Needed Speed Camera In D.C.

Residents of the Capitol Hill neighborhood have finally gotten a speed camera on a busy Maryland Avenue intersection, but they say the process is too difficult and time-consuming.
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Where Are The New D.C. Traffic Cameras?

Eight new traffic cameras were added to D.C. streets effective Monday — check out a map of the new locations.

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Walkability Advocates Want To Hold D.C. Mayoral Candidates Accountable

A new pedestrian safety group All Walks DC gives high marks to the District's two leading mayoral candidates, but they also plan to hold the winner accountable.

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You're Not Hallucinating: Gas Really Is Cheaper

Pump prices are falling to their lowest level since the start of the decade.
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D.C. Leaf Collection Returns — With The Correct Ward Maps

D.C.'s leaf collection trucks will back out on the streets on Monday, with city crews beginning their annual fall routine of raking and vacuuming along sidewalks and roadsides.
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Listen: Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Applauds D.C. Ridesharing Legislation

The D.C. Council voted 12-1 Tuesday to formally legalize ridesharing services like UberX, Sidecar and Lyft. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick initially opposed regulations, but in an interview with transportation reporter Martin Di Caro, says the company is happy with how things turned out.

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Bike Lanes May Soon Get A Boost In Fairfax County

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors is backing a plan that would add bicycle lanes to the county to go along with new development.

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Digital Dispatch System Proposed For Montgomery County Cabs

The Montgomery County Council is considering new regulations that would put traditional cabs on a "digital dispatch" system, despite claims from companies themselves that it is unregulated ridesharing that is the issue.