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MoCo Firefighters Find Communications Dead Zones In Metro System

Montgomery County firefighters are having trouble communicating inside Metro stations, three weeks after communication problems may have delayed a rescue effort at L'Enfant Plaza.
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Fares Dropping Again For UberX, Putting Squeeze On D.C. Cabbies

The vehicle-for-hire market is getting even more cutthroat, as Uber is dropping rates for riders and promising subsidized earnings for drivers.

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Pay More At The Pump? Finding Money For The Federal Highway Trust Fund

An Oregon Democrat is proposing an increase in the federal gas tax, which has remained flat for more than two decades. But on Capitol Hill, it's not the only proposal to pay for maintenance to transportation infrastructure.

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Family Of Metro Victim Sues Transit Agency For $50 Million

The family of the Alexandria woman who died on the Yellow Line under L'Enfant Plaza on January 12 is suing Metro for $50 million.
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With Cold Weather Comes Additional Commuting Challenge: Cracked Metro Rails

The cold weather has not been kind to Metro this month, with dropping temperatures are being blamed for several cracked or broken rails that have disrupted commutes.
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Uber And Lyft Need Same Regulations As Taxis, Say Virginia Cab Drivers

Hundreds of Virginia taxicab drivers visited Richmond on Thursday to voice support for treating Uber and Lyft the same way Virginia treats traditional cabs.
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VDOT Holding First Of Many Public Meetings On I-66 Expansion

If you want to weigh in on VDOT's plan to expand I-66 with toll lanes by 2017, the first of several public meetings is being held Thursday night.

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Uber's Big Lobbying Effort Opened D.C. Doors

Few companies spent more money lobbying D.C. public officials last year, and Uber's efforts helped to secure at least one key legislative victory.

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Bill To Regulate Uber And Lyft Moves Forward In Virginia

Legislation to regulate Uber and Lyft is moving forward in Virginia's General Assembly.
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More Lawsuits Streaming In After Metro Smoke Incident

The number of people suing Metro following the fatal smoke incident at L'Enfant Plaza station is growing.