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D.C. Fire Blames Metro For Communication Breakdown During Fatal Incident

As lawmakers prepare to meet with safety officials Wednesday, a report by D.C. fire officials blames Metro for the communication breakdown during the incident on the train last week.
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D.C. Report Says Firefighters Had Trouble Communicating During Metro Incident

An initial report on the response by D.C. firefighters to the smoke-filled Yellow Line train on Monday confirms that first responders had difficulty communicating by radio as they traveled through Metro tunnels on their way to evacuating the passengers.
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Report Raises More Questions About Deadly Metro Incident

Federal investigators have released a preliminary report that is raising more questions about why rescuers could not promptly reach trapped passengers aboard Metro's Yellow Line at L'Enfant Plaza station Monday.
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DDOT Hits 'Reset Button' On Streetcar Project

D.C.'s long-delayed streetcar line along H Street NE has a new boss, and he is taking a different approach to getting it ready for passengers.
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Metro Smoke Incident: Bowser Promises Full Report, Lawsuits Filed

In the days since Monday's deadly Metro incident that killed one and injured dozens, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has promised a quick report on the city's response, lawsuits have been filed and members of Congress have demanded a safety briefing from Metro.
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D.C. Streetcar Opening Delayed Again, Won't Debut Next Week As Planned

Launching D.C. first streetcar line next week has been "taken off the table," according to a source with knowledge of project planning.
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First Lawsuit Filed In Wake Of Deadly Metro Incident, And More Could Come

A man who sent a goodbye text message to his family because he thought was going to die during Metro’s Yellow Line meltdown is the first person to sue the transit agency over Monday's incident.
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Metro Smoke Incident: Calls For Information Intensify, More Details Emerge

The NTSB pledges to keep politicians updated, new information about the incident comes to light, and legal action by passengers begins to stir.

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Transportation, Education Could Be Big Sticking Points For Hogan's Budget

Funding for large transportation projects — such as the Purple Line — and for large school districts are among Democrats' concerns as the new GOP governor prepares his fiscal plan.

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Safety Board Will Report On Metro Smoke Incident Within 30 Days, Lawmaker Says

D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton says there's a promise from the federal agency to provide a preliminary report soon on the deadly incident.