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Red Line To See Return Of Computer Operation By March, Metro Says

Hold on, Red Line riders. Metro officials say they hope to be able to restore smoother computer-operated service across the Red Line by March of next year and the rest of the system by 2017.

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Metro GM Richard Sarles Announces He Will Retire In January

Sarles will leave with a year left in his contract, at a critical time for Metro as it continues to recover from the Red Line disaster in 2009 and rebuild its tracks and signals.
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Biden To Spotlight Federal Transportation Spending In Norfolk

Vice President Joe Biden will stand alongside Virginia lawmakers on Wednesday to tout federal funding for transportation projects in Norfolk, Virginia.

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Metro Moving Closer To Restoring Smoother, Computer-Operated Service

Metro's top engineer will brief the transit agency's board today on plans to return trains to computer control — something not seen since the fatal Red Line crash in 2009.

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Arlington County Approves Funding For Columbia Pike Streetcar Design

The Arlington County Board gave the go-ahead on Wednesday for a contractor to begin the preliminary engineering and design work on a 7.4 mile streetcar system in Arlington and Fairfax Counties.

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DDOT Proposes Big Expansion For D.C. Circulator

The District Department of Transportation wants to expand four of the five existing Circulator lines and add six more.
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Montgomery County Grounds Drones Before They Take Off

The county government has purchased four drones for use by its fire department and innovation office, but bureaucracy is keeping them grounded for now.

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For Some D.C. Residents, Every Day Is Car-Free Day

Monday marked the international event Car-Free Day. But in the D.C. area, plenty of residents are going without a vehicle, and the number of car-free residents is likely to grow.
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D.C. Cab Companies Blame Steep Declines In Revenue On Ridesharing

Taxicab companies in the District say unregulated "ridesharing" services like UberX are eating into their bottom line by taking street hails, and they want that to change.

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D.C. Police Crack Down On Bicycling Violations

The MPD is in the process of enforcing bicycling laws, writing tickets for all kinds of violations.