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Metrobus Driver Brings Smiles For Miles

Operator Derrick Perry does more than drive a Metrobus; some passengers would say he changes lives.

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D.C. Regulators Try To Tackle 'Rideshare' Insurance Confusion

Drivers for ridesharing services like UberX, Lyft, and Sidecar don't currently carry commercial insurance coverage, and as the DCTC holds hearings on the issue, confusion persists about how and when the tech companies' excess liability coverage applies.

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If You're Injured While Using These Car Services, Who Pays Your Medical Bills?

You order a ride from UberX, Lyft, or Sidecar. The driver picks you up, runs a red light, and crashes, putting you in the hospital. Who is going to pay your medical bills?
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Proposal Would Fund Federal Highway Trust Fund With Corporate Tax Reform

A federal transportation spending proposal sent to Congress would use seek to use corporate tax reform to funding transportation projects in lieu of a politically-radioactive increase in the gas tax.

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Silver Spring Transit Center Concrete Could Be Dangerous, Report Finds

Chunks of concrete could break off and fall on commuters unless the Silver Spring Transit Center's beams and girders are strengthened, a new report reveals.
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Project Leaders Assure Riders Silver Line Will Be Safe

Signaling problems on the Silver Line have forced delays on the Northern Virginia project, but project leaders say they are more affect reliability instead of safety.

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Route 1 Widening Project Breaks Ground

A Virginia road project decades in the making is about to begin at last.
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Uber On Defensive As Regulators Weigh New Rules

A series of high profile accidents across the country have called into question the insurance policies held by UberX drivers, especially in light of a hearing later this week on proposed regulations for ridesharing services.

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New Driver's Licenses Comply with REAL ID Act

The District of Columbia is set to issue drivers licenses that comply with federal law intended to make it harder for terrorists to get fake IDs. We look at how the change affects you.

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Location Of Proposed Potomac Yards Metro Station In Doubt

Concerns expressed by the National Park Service could force planners to move the proposed Potomac Yards Metro station, adding over $100 million to the cost of the project.