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D.C. Draws Closer To Letting Developers Decide On Parking

The D.C. Office of Zoning has given preliminary approval to rule changes that would eliminate parking minimums downtown and cut them in half for buildings close to mass transit.

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How To Navigate D.C.'s Street System, Explained In 99 Seconds

Pierre L'Enfant had an orderly system in mind when he designed the streets of the District around the capitol, but we have to turn to a longtime D.C. cabby to figure out how we would explain the system to newcomers.

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A Transportation Project Finishing Ahead Of Schedule? It Could Happen On I-95

The 95 Express Lanes in Virginia were supposed to open early next year, but now the highway's builders say the project will be ready for commuters in December.
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Despite Investments, Dulles Airport Sees Drop In Passengers

More travelers are opting for Reagan National Airport over Dulles Airport, and local officials say that Congress is partly to blame.
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Rail Or Roads: What's The Best Way To Relieve Traffic On Route 1 In Fairfax?

A new study coming out today will weigh in on a hot debate in Fairfax County: whether to prioritize the widening of Route 1 or to extend the Yellow Line south beyond Huntington.

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Honk If You're Angry About Ridesharing: D.C. Cabbies Stage Protest

Several hundred D.C. taxicabs took part in a massive demonstration against Uber in the District today, protesting what they say is unfair competition from the popular company and other similar app-based sedan services.
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Bethesda Metro Escalator Replacement To Take More Than Two Years

Those who use Bethesda's Metro station will only have two escalators at their disposal through spring of 2017, according to WMATA.

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Planners Try To Lower Region's CO2 Emissions, Though Roads Stand In Way

Officials from local jurisdictions are trying to match the region's ambitious carbon dioxide reduction goals with a transportation plan that will see more roads than transit over the next three decades.
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New Rhode Island Avenue Pedestrian Bridge In Place, To Open Next Year

A pedestrian bridge that will improve access to the Rhode Island Avenue Metro station began this week, promising a major boost in convenience for rail riders.

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Legitimizing 'Ridesharing' Would Shortchange Cabs, Says Jim Graham

A new proposal to legalize popular "ridesharing" services such as Uber and Lyft in D.C. would create an unfair system where regular taxicabs can't compete, critics say.