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Advocates Say That Streetcars Move People — And Spur Development

Streetcars may not move people quickly, but advocates say they do something more important: They help spur economic development in corridors where it is needed most.

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Why You Might See Hitler On The Side Of A Metro Bus

Yes, that was Adolf Hitler you saw on the side of a Metro bus. A new ad campaign is likely to turn some heads in the District.

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Businesses, Developers See Light At End Of Silver Line's Tunnel

Metro is poised to take over the Silver Line on May 27, which has anxious business owners and developers along the new line anticipating the start of passenger service.

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For Residents, Streetcar Return Will Pose Practical Challenges

It's been 52 years since streetcars last ran on D.C. streets, and city officials have been working to prepare residents, drivers, cyclists, and business owners for what life with trolley will look and feel like.

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Metro To Take Over Silver Line On May 27, Starting Countdown To Passenger Service

Metro is set to take over the Silver Line, and passenger service could begin within a 90-day window allowed for safety testing.
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Columbia Pike Businesses Divided Over Streetcar Proposal

One of the big arguments for the streetcar proposal on Columbia Pike in Arlington is that it is good for business, but owners themselves aren't in agreement on the prospect.

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Changes Coming To Branch Avenue Metro Station

Millions of dollars will go to widening the roads that lead up to the station and installing a pedestrian bridge to accommodate more riders.
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Metro General Manager Expected To Announce Silver Line Hand-Off Date

Sarles is expected to say the Silver Line will be "operationally ready" on May 27. That means—barring any further setbacks—Metro will take the project from the airports authority so it can begin final testing and workforce training, which can last up to 90 days.
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Regulating the Sharing Economy: Rules for Uber and Airbnb

As upstarts like Uber and Airbnb challenge stalwarts in the taxi and hotel industries, cities are struggling to encourage innovation while still ensuring fairness and public safety.

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What's Missing On Bike To Work Day? Data, Say Advocates

More and more cyclists are taking to the roads every day in and around D.C., but advocates say that undercounting of their ranks has led to under-investment in cycling infrastructure.