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Taxicab Commissioner Linton Steps Down After Transformational Tenure

The outgoing chairman of D.C.'s Taxicab Commission helped usher in sweeping changes to D.C. cabs.
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Deep Freeze Sticks Around As Some Schools Remain Closed

Many districts in Virginia and Maryland took no chances with the roads today.

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Officials Say Stronger-Than-Expected Storm Caught Region By Surprise

A stronger-than-expected storm caught the region by surprise this morning, leaving local roads covered in snow and ice and motorists stranded for hours as they tried to get to work.
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A New Year, A New Attempt To Change D.C.'s Bike Crash Liability Law

With the new year comes another new plan to change a D.C. law that now prevents bike riders and pedestrians from receiving compensation when injured in a traffic crash.
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Streetcar Gets In 'Minor Accident' While On Test Run

Less than three weeks remain until the scheduled opening of the streetcar along H Street Northeast in Washington D.C., which shouldn't change even after a reported accident over the weekend.

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Streetcar Opening Awaits Fourth D.C. Mayoral Administration

Mayor Vincent Gray has confirmed that the D.C. Streetcar system along H Street will not open New Year's Eve Day, which means the long-awaited transit line will await the mayoral administration of Muriel Bowser.

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Dulles Toll Road Riders Spared Fare Hike Thanks To Federal Loan

Drivers on the Dulles Toll Road help pay for the Silver Line with their tolls, but thanks to a new development, the amount they have to pay won't go up for several years.

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Regulators Try To Determine How Uber Would Operate In Maryland

At a hearing before the state's Public Service Commission Friday, regulators sought answers about how Uber would function if they approve a proposed settlement allowing Uber to stay in Maryland.
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Two Minutes, Or 12? Metro Starts Testing Real-Time Bus Arrival Signs At Bus Stops

Metro wants you to be able to tell how long you have to wait for a bus by simply looking up at a sign at the bus stop.
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D.C. Marks Record Year For Bike Lanes As Riders Call For More Protection

The District is marking a record year for bike lane construction — nine miles, bringing to 69 the total mileage of bike lanes across the city.