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Changes To Metro's Blue Line Schedule Leaves Some Commuters Seeing Red

Starting today, fewer Blue Line trains will be making the trip into D.C. during the morning rush — and some commuters aren't happy about it.
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Maryland Congressman Drawing Support For Infrastructure Bank

Shortfalls in the Highway Trust Fund have drawn renewed scrutiny to U.S. transportation spending, something Maryland Democrat John Delaney is hoping will draw attention to his plan for an infrastructure bank.

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Is Virginia Building Highways For Single Occupancy Vehicles?

Traffic on the 495 Express Lanes has been composed overwhelmingly of single-occupancy vehicles, something planners hope won't also be true of the I-95 HOV lanes currently being expanded.

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The Opening of Metro's Silver Line

Metro is scheduled to begin rail service this week on its new Silver Line, a milestone in one of the largest public infrastructure projects in the country. But the new line is already disrupting commuting patterns for passengers elsewhere...

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Back to Reality for Brazil

With the World Cup over, Brazil faces a stagnant economy, poor infrastructure, and wide dissatisfaction with government policies. Kojo explores what's next for the United States' biggest South American trade partner.

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Columbia Pike Streetcar Moves Forward Without Federal Money

Applying for federal dollars is time consuming and potentially fruitless, so the county board is expected to approve a plan tomorrow to pay for the $330 million streetcar system without federal funds.
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In Virginia, Highways Grow Wider And Come With Tolls

Virginia's top transportation planners foresee a 70-mile network of express toll lanes that will offer motorists the option of paying for a reliable commute, carpooling free or hopping an express bus to reach their jobs.
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Private Sector Could Help Relieve Virginia's Congestion Woes

Building new lanes and charging commuters to use them could be a smart strategy for the commonwealth, says a transportation expert.
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With Transitway, Alexandria And Arlington Not On The Same Track

Elected officials from Alexandria and Arlington gather today to break ground on a new transitway, but the neighboring jurisdictions are moving in different directions.
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Virginia Proposes Adding Express Lanes To I-66

Transportation officials hope to transform a heavily congested stretch of Interstate 66 in northern Virginia by adding express lanes, a rapid bus system and a park-and-ride network.