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Previewing "District Merchants" at the Folger Theater

Set in D.C. during the post-war Reconstruction period, Aaron Posner's new play puts race front and center in a twist on Shakespeare's most problematic play, "Merchant of Venice."


'Hamilton' Fans Pilgrimage To Founding Father's Once-Forgotten Grave

The smash Broadway hit Hamilton is bringing legions of new fans to the grave sites of Alexander Hamilton and his wife, Eliza, both at Trinity Church in Lower Manhattan.

In 'The Dresser,' Anthony Hopkins Brilliantly Comes Undone

Anthony Hopkins says his turn as an aged and increasingly faulty actor performing King Lear in a small theater during World War II is one of his favorite roles in a career full of memorable ones. He stars in the BBC adaptation of the play, The Dresser, along with Ian McKellan. Hopkins, who seized pop culture fame in 1991 for his portrayal of the psychopathic psychiatrist Hannibal Lector, started his career in the British theater and has no sense of lingering romance about it.

From Broadway To TV, An Actress' Death Takes Us Down Cultural Rabbit Hole

Beth Howland died in December at age 74. One of her best known roles, was as the original Amy in Stephen Sondheim's "Company." Looking into her past can lead you down a pop culture spiral.

Candice Hoyes Sings Blackness, Womanhood And History On Her New Jazz Album

When Candice Hoyes sings, she's channeling a legacy of black women in jazz. Her debut album, On a Turquoise Cloud, celebrates the genre's storied roots.

Archaeologists Find Early Shakespeare Theater Was Rectangular

Archaeologist Heather Knight tells NPR's Scott Simon about how the Curtain Theatre, where Shakespeare staged early plays, was rectangular and not round.

After Factory Layoffs, The 'Skeleton Crew' Is Left Behind

Born and raised in Detroit, Dominique Morisseau has written three plays about her hometown. Her latest explores the lives of auto workers struggling to keep their jobs during the 2008 economic crisis.

From Walter White To LBJ, Bryan Cranston Is A Master Of Transformation

After five seasons as Walt on Breaking Bad, Cranston reinvented himself as Lyndon B. Johnson in the play (and now the HBO film) All the Way. Originally broadcast March 27, 2014.

Examining The Lure Of ISIS In 'Another World'

A documentary play in London features actors performing the exact words, gathered from interviews, of Muslim mothers who lost children to ISIS, a U.S. general and a former Guantanamo detainee.

'Hamilton' Producers Strike Deal To Share Profits With Original Cast Members

The Broadway hit musical, Hamilton, is up for 16 Tony Award nominations, and that's sure to boost its already high profits. In April, the musical's producers struck a deal to share some of its profits with original cast members. NPR's Audie Cornish talks to Michael Paulson, a reporter for The New York Times, about what this means for the industry.