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New 'Arrested Development' Gags Are Best Served In One Sitting

Show creator Mitch Hurwitz advises against binge-watching the new season, but TV critic David Bianculli begs to differ. He says hidden identities and perplexing mysteries unfold slowly, and watching everything in one sitting helps make those connections even clearer.

Foster Families Take Center Stage

Neda Ulaby looks at a new summer drama about foster families, which — perhaps surprisingly — strikes real foster kids as getting a lot of things right.

Jean Stapleton, Who Played Edith Bunker, Dies

As Edith, Stapleton took on the thorniest of social issues, from race to feminism. She said that humor had a way of reducing intolerance to nothing.

Larry King Signs Up With The Russians

The long-time TV and radio host, who left CNN in December 2010, will be on RT — an English-language Russian TV channel. King, 79, says he'll be talking about politics with "some of the most influential people in Washington and around the country."

What Happens To Spelling Bee Kids? Years Later, The Prize Is Perspective

For the middle schoolers competing in the Scripps National Spelling Bee this week, the experience will leave lasting memories. NPR tracked down former top spellers to see how they're faring, decades after their early successes.

Have Women's Rights Evolved In Pakistan?

When a teenage Pakistani girl accused four men of rape, she was told to stay quiet so she wouldn't bring shame to her family. Instead, she promised to fight all the way to the Supreme Court. Her story is shown in the new Frontline film Outlawed in Pakistan. Host Michel Martin speaks with the filmmakers.