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A Drama-Free Show For Black Women?

Reality television often portrays black women as drama queens. But a new talk show is hoping to challenge that image. Host Michel Martin speaks to actress Malinda Williams about co-hosting the new program Exhale on the Apsire network.

Oprah's TV Channel Says It's In The Black

More than two years after it started, OWN, the cable channel that is a partnership between Oprah Winfrey and Discovery Communications, announced it is turning a profit.

John Gallagher Jr. On 'Newsroom' Dialogue And Staging Green Day

In addition to playing a cable news producer on Aaron Sorkin's HBO drama, Gallagher is a Tony Award-winning Broadway performer. He tells Fresh Air's Terry Gross about starring in a punk rock musical and rehearsing Sorkin's Newsroom scripts.

This Summer, Vintage TV Shows Thrive On DVD

The stack of recent DVD releases of old TV series keeps getting higher. Fresh Air critic David Bianculli picks four that he believes are the TV equivalent of a fun summer read.

Encore: 'Fosters' Puts A Twist On The Old Family Drama

A new show on ABC Family follows a family with one biological kid, two adopted kids and a new addition, a teenage foster kid. Given how fostering is such an inherently dramatic situation, why hasn't this ever been the premise of a TV show before?

John Oliver Steps Into 'Adult Clown Shoes' On 'The Daily Show'

Comedian John Oliver is guest-hosting The Daily Show this summer while Jon Stewart is away directing a movie. He says filling in for Stewart is "a pretty weird experience."

Dying 'Simpsons' Co-Creator Will Give His Fortune To Charity

Sam Simon earns tens of millions of dollars a year in royalties. Diagnosed with colon cancer, he's been told he has less than six months to live. The writer and producer has decided his fortune will go to causes he supports.

What's The 'Best Daym Takeout' In America?

Food critic and YouTube sensation Daymon 'Daym' Patterson travels the country to find the best takeout spots. He eats in the front seat of his car - when the food is hottest and freshest. Guest host Celeste Headlee talks with him about his new Travel channel show Best Daym Takeout.

Original Singer Of 'Chock Full O'Nuts' Jingle Dies

The former singer of the "Chock Full O'Nuts" jingle has died. Page Morton Black was 97. She sang the jingle for her husband's coffee company and the tune was widely played — mostly in the New York area — in the 1960s.

In The Summer, Univision Is Numero Uno

For three consecutive weeks, the Spanish-language TV network's prime-time ratings have dominated among young adult viewers.