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Hasan Minhaj Of 'Daily Show' On Prom, Indian Dads And White Folks At Desi Weddings

Homecoming King is the comedian's absorbing tale about the first-generation American experience and the NBA (New Brown America).

What Do We Know About People Who Don't (And Never Did) Have Cable?

One analyst finds that economics is the key driver behind the growing phenomenon of so-called "cord-nevers," people who never subscribed to cable or satellite TV.

Actor Randall Park Says 'Fresh Off The Boat' Is Comedy Without The Cliché

The Asian-American actor is determined to "do good by the community" in his work. He says the ABC comedy steers clear of "easy" and "tired" racist jokes.

As One Of 'The Leftovers,' Actor Justin Theroux Explores Loss And Spirituality

In the HBO series, Theroux is a man trying to make sense of the disappearance of 2 percent of the world's population. He describes Season 2 as moving into "spiritual territory."

Debate Review: How Did It Play Out As A Media Event?

Tuesday night's Democratic debate at a Las Vegas casino wasn't just a political exercise. It was prime-time television drama. Pop star Cheryl Crow sang the national anthem before the debate started.

Groups Aim To Make It Easier To Own A Cable TV Box Instead Of Renting

A study estimated that 99 percent of cable TV subscribers rent their set-top boxes and pay on average $231 a year to do so. Groups want to make it easier for consumers to own similar devices.
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Dick Van Dyke: "Keep Moving"

Dick Van Dyke has been charming audiences for generations. In a new memoir, the actor explains how he stays in touch with his inner child and why life gets better the longer you live it.


'Fargo' Returns, With An Oddball Style Reminiscent Of 'Twin Peaks'

The FX-drama series Fargo begins its second season Monday with a new story and cast. TV critic David Bianculli says the new season is full of charm, and "ridiculously loaded" with great performances.

TV Series Review: 'Fargo' Returns To FX

FX's TV adaptation of Fargo returns for a second season Monday night. Our critic says the new episodes are a quirky, creative reinvention that improves on an already stellar show.

At 84, Award-Winning Actress Rita Moreno Tries New Projects

Rita Moreno will receive the Kennedy Center Honor next month for her career in show business. With a new gig as a voice in an animated TV series and a new album, there's no way she's done performing.