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Chunk Of 'House of Cards' Maryland Tax Credit Fails In Final Hour

Maryland lawmakers stumbled in the final minutes of the legislative session Monday night, leaving $3.5 million of a proposed $18.5 million tax credit on the table that is aimed at keeping Netflix's 'House of Cards' from leaving the state.


Mickey Rooney, All-American Boy For More Than 90 Years, Dies

Bob Mondello offers an appreciation of the career of Mickey Rooney, who died at 93.

How To Kill A Character

To the shock and awe of viewers, main characters were killed off on ABC's Scandal and CBS' The Good Wife in recent weeks. Author K.M. Weiland offers advice on successfully killing a character.

Your Tour Guide To The Glut Of Sunday TV

Is it possible there's too much good TV? Sunday nights are starting to look that way. Between Game of Thrones, Mad Men and many more, there's a lot to navigate. NPR TV critic Eric Deggans helps.

App Calculates TV-Watching Time

A new app,, tells you how much time you've spent watching TV. Tell it which shows you've watched, and the app calculates how much of your life you spent.

David Letterman To Retire From CBS In 2015

Letterman has hosted the Late Show on CBS since 1993. He reshaped late-night TV, succeeding as an edgy outsider more interested in making fun of show business than participating in it.

Dave Letterman Signals He'll Soon Put Down The Microphone

NPR television correspondent Eric Deggans reports that David Letterman will announce his planned retirement from CBS on his show Thursday night. Letterman will leave the show and the network in 2015.

HBO Fills Sunday Night Lineup With Entertaining Power Struggles

This week, HBO airs the season premieres of two returning series — Game of Thrones and Veep -- and launches a new series called Silicon Valley. Fresh Air's TV critic has seen them all.

How 'Soul Train' Shaped A Generation

For millions of people in the 1970s, the week was not complete without Soul Train. Writer Nelson George captures the legacy of the show and its creator in his new book The Hippest Trip in America.

Amazon Unveils Fire TV, Its Video Streaming Device

Amazon is making an aggressive move toward your living room TV with a new video-streaming device. Amazon Fire TV joins a crowded field of devices vying for the same spot.