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Strange Magic Bubbles Up In New 'Mr Norrell' Adaptation

Susanna Clarke's best-selling fantasy debut, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, envisioned a mismatched pair of wizards caught up in the Napoleonic Wars. It's now been made into a seven-part TV series.

A Good But Not Great New Season For Netflix's 'Orange Is The New Black'

Netflix debuts 14 new episodes of prison dramedy Orange Is the New Black. NPR TV Critic Eric Deggans says the show remains compelling, despite the loss of a powerful character from last season.

Do Critics of Violence and Sex In HBO's 'Game Of Thrones' Miss The Point?

As HBO's Game of Thrones airs its fifth season finale Sunday, NPR TV Critic Eric Deggans asks if some critics of the show's violence and sexuality should reconsider past criticisms.

'Simpsons' Spoiler Alert: Homer And Marge To Separate

The Simpsons TV show returns for a 27th season on Fox this fall. The show's producer has revealed Homer and Marge will separate in the premiere episode.

If Jimmy Fallon Gets His Way, 'Your Baby's First Word Will Be Dada'

The Tonight Show host's new children's book was inspired by his daughters. He tells NPR about his efforts to trick his first daughter into saying "dada" and his family's struggle to conceive.

'Sesame Street' Improves School Readiness, Researchers Say

A Wellesley College and University of Maryland study finds Sesame Street has a big impact on how well kids do in school. Children who watch the show are less likely to fall behind in later grades.

Child Molestation Scandal Involving TLC's Duggar Show Unfolds In Media

The controversy around the TLC show 19 Kids and Counting continues. Family members have appeared on Fox News to try to portray the child molestation accusations against Josh Duggar as overblown.

As 'Orange' Season 3 Begins, We Still Don't Know Why Poussey's In Prison

Samira Wiley has spent most of her career onstage and is used to filling in blanks about her characters. But she's reluctant to do so for her role on the hit Netflix series Orange Is the New Black.
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HBO Series 'Veep' Could Ditch Maryland For Hollywood

For the past few years, HBO series "Veep" has filmed in Maryland in part because of generous tax breaks. But now the show may be heading to California.

Buzz Bissinger: With Caitlyn Jenner, 'You Feel A Connection'

NPR's Melissa Block interviews Buzz Bissinger about his profile of Caitlyn Jenner in Vanity Fair and her gender transition. She is formerly known as Bruce, an Olympic gold medalist in the decathlon.