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OTB Parlors Criticize Hike In Horse Racing Simulcast Rates

Saturday is the Belmont Stakes, the last race in the vaunted Triple Crown series of horse races. But as excitement builds, so does a bitter feud in the business of horse racing.

John Oliver Helps Rally 45,000 Net Neutrality Comments To FCC

The comedian used 13 minutes of his Sunday program to convince viewers to reach out to the Federal Communications Commission about open Internet rules. They responded and crashed the FCC servers.

In 'Fargo,' A Deaf Actor Gets His Chance To Be Wicked

An actor since childhood, Russell Harvard always wanted to play the bad guy. In the TV show Fargo, he plays a menacing hit man whose partner interprets for him — sometimes.

In Hollywood, 50 Is The New 80: What Happens When 'It Girls' Get Old

"Being a woman over 50 in Hollywood I could commit any crime with impunity, because I'm completely invisible," says actress Annabelle Gurwitch. Her new book is called I See You Made an Effort.

In Confronting Poverty, 'Harvest Of Shame' Reaped Praise And Criticism

The 1960 documentary examined the plight of America's migrant farmworkers. It was praised as groundbreaking, but others called it an "exaggerated portrait" and even some migrants took issue with it.

TV Offerings Are Hotter Than Usual This Summer

This year, more original, highly anticipated summer TV series are debuting on the broadcast networks than ever before — along with some big-ticket series from cable and one of Netflix's biggest shows.

For TV Advertisers, A Hunt For Live Audiences

Advertising deals for the upcoming television season are now being negotiated. Jeanine Poggi, TV reporter for Ad Age, says that in an era of time-shifted viewing, advertisers are in hot pursuit of the people who watch TV live.

Burton Calls On 'Star Trek' Fans To Bring 'Reading Rainbow' To The Next Generation

Reading Rainbow went off the air in 2009, but the show's host, LeVar Burton, is raising money for an interactive website — and offering some pledge rewards that make NPR tote bags pale in comparison.

Bob Newhart Looks Back On A Career Of One-Sided Conversations

David Greene talks to comedian Bob Newhart about his critically acclaimed show and career. The complete box set of The Bob Newhart Show is being released in its entirety for the first time.

Why Mr. Rogers Is Having A Big Moment In Education

Digital media? Creativity? Early childhood education? Beloved TV host Fred Rogers was an early champion for trends that are hot in education today.