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'Better Call Saul,' The Prequel To 'Breaking Bad,' Is As Good As The First

The new AMC show is about public defender Jimmy McGill, who adopts a sleazy new persona as Saul Goodman. The show has the same tight plots, rich characters and delicious twists as its parent series.

Left Shark Stands Out At Super Bowl Halftime Show

The left shark caught the eye of viewers because it wasn't a particularly good dancer. So much so, that left shark has become a verb — meaning to fail about or phone it in.

ABC Tones Down Author's 'Fresh Off The Boat' For Sitcom Audience

ABC will break an important boundary in television Wednesday night with the debut of Fresh Off the Boat. It's the first network sitcom in two decades to star an Asian-American family.

Super Bowl XLIX Was Most Watched Show In TV History

According to ratings released by Nielsen, 114.4 million Americans tuned in to watch the Patriots beat the Seahawks. It surpassed the 2014 Super Bowl by 2 million viewers.

Watch The Super Bowl Or We'll Kick This Dog: The Saddest Ads Ever

After years of nearly naked women and crazy animals, the Super Bowl ads had a new theme this year: your heart, and how to break it.

Fast-Sprouting Acorn Challenges PBS' British TV Dominance

The niche digital portal Acorn holds rights to some of the best-known British TV shows. David Folkenflik reports it's now streaming some of those shows on its own, in competition with PBS and the BBC.

The Success Of Fox's 'Empire' Reveals A Few Do's And Don'ts For TV

Fox's hip-hop drama is a growing hit that could rescue the network. In a fragmented marketplace, the TV industry is learning the value of creating shows for underserved audiences.

How 'Empire' Quickly Became The TV Show To Beat

The TV show Empire is the first in 10 years to gain viewers with each of its first four episodes. NPR's Arun Rath talks with TV critic Eric Deggans about the show and its success.

Patriots Beat Seahawks 28-24 In Super Bowl XLIX

Defending champs Seattle were edged out by the East Coast rivals. The two closely matched teams were tied at halftime but New England pulled ahead late in the fourth quarter.

Mindy Kaling's Super Bowl Ad: Are Indian Women Invisible?

In a commercial, the comedian pretends no one can see her. One Indian journalist says there's more to the ad than selling insurance. Being visible comes with a risk of violence for women in India.