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Fresh On The Screen: How TV Is Redefining Whom We Think Of As 'American'

After a century in the shadows, immigrants are stepping into the prime-time spotlight. Code Switch takes a look at the past and present of immigrants on TV.

'Walking Dead' Toys With Fans Concerning Glenn Rhee's Fate

The character Glenn Rhee is a fan favorite on The Walking Dead. An ambiguous scene made it appear he might be dead, but the show has viewers waiting to find out if he's actually been eaten by zombies.

From 'Bad' To The 'Bone': Writer Behind Walter White Turns To Pirouettes

Moira Walley-Beckett penned one of Breaking Bad's most beloved episodes. Perhaps it should be no surprise, then, that her new ballet drama Flesh and Bone brings ominous darkness to the dance floor.

What To Expect When Donald Trump Hosts 'Saturday Night Live'

Donald Trump will host Saturday Night Live tonight, despite protests from Hispanic groups who are angry about his criticisms of immigrants.

Batmobile Creator George Barris Dies At 89

George Barris, who created the Batmobile through his work customizing cars, has died.

Lena Dunham On Sex, Oversharing And Writing About Lost 'Girls'

Dunham says when she started writing HBO's Girls, she was drawn to characters with "a bit of a Zelda Fitzgerald lost, broken woman quality." Originally broadcast Sept. 29, 2014.

Ron Perlman On 'Sons Of Anarchy' And His Many On-Screen Transformations

In his book, Easy Street (The Hard Way), actor Ron Perlman describes himself as having a face "that was not ugly but surely one of its kind." Originally broadcast Sept. 22, 2014.

Seth Meyers Takes On The Campaign, From Canned Jokes To Day Drinking

The presidential campaign is the butt of many of Late Night host Seth Meyers' jokes these days. "So many butts, there are so many butts in this campaign," he says.

Ansari And Yang Explore The First-Generation Experience In 'Master Of None'

Parks and Recreation colleagues Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang bonded over their experiences as Asian-Americans living very different lives from their parents. Their new series is streaming on Netflix.
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Outside Money In Virginia's Elections: A Bellwether For 2016 And Beyond?

Special-interest money poured into General Assembly elections across Virginia this year, as outside groups tried to influence races in several key districts. The glut of advertisements had mixed results, but experts say the tactics won't end anytime soon.