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With Hollywood's Advanced Digital Face-Lifting, Do We Even Need Actors?

You can now digitally replace just about anything on an actor's body — including the actor himself. Journalist Logan Hill explains this practice of often invisible digital retouching in media.

Samantha Bee On 'Full Frontal,' Feminism And The Freedom Of Her 40s

Since leaving The Daily Show, Bee has been busy with two new TBS shows. "I knew that there was something else that I wanted to do," she says. "It's very good for me to be creating my own thing."

A Fond (No, Really!) Farewell To 'American Idol'

Built on telephone dialing and the sting of a British tongue, American Idol shuffles off this mortal coil on Thursday night, having provided just enough good moments to survive.

Twitter Wins NFL Deal To Stream 2016 Thursday Night Football

The NFL hopes to reach a broader audience, including those who don't have cable, while Twitter is looking to attract and keep new users.

Nurse Kellye Of 'M*A*S*H' Still gets Fan Mail For Breakthrough Role

After a blog post goes viral, Rachel Martin catches up with Kellye Nakahara of M*A*S*H, whose role was a favorite for many. Her fans still say she broke barriers and made them smile.

Morgan Freeman Takes On Omniscient View To Explore Big Uncertainties In 'God'

The actor, who once played God in a Hollywood movie, takes a serious look at religion in a new television series called "The Story of God."

Reality Show 'DIY Permits' Follows Less Glamorous Side Of Home Renovations

There are plenty of TV shows about home makeovers, but now a new show is focusing on the less glamorous side of renovations: getting the permits.

'Rush Hour' On CBS Reimagines Classic Buddy Action Films

On Thursday night, CBS premieres Rush Hour, a reimagining of the buddy action flicks. Not much has changed as the show relies on stereotypes of the old film franchise.
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Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt: "The Rainbow Comes and Goes"

When Anderson Cooper’s mother, the designer and heiress Gloria Vanderbilt, reached her 91st birthday, they began a correspondence, breaking a wall of silence between them. A conversation with the broadcast journalist and his famous mother on life in the spotlight, suicide, money, and grieving for a parent and a child.


Ray Romano Gets Deep, Dark And Angsty For Martin Scorsese's 'Vinyl'

Ever since Everybody Loves Raymond, the actor says he has been trying to take on more dramatic roles. In the HBO drama Vinyl, he plays a record company executive who contemplates suicide.