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Forget Nancy Drew: Thanks To Fans, 'Veronica Mars' Is Back On The Case

The show aired its last episode in 2007, but this week, after a record-setting Kickstarter campaign, its sharp-elbowed detective protagonist makes her big-screen debut.

Pew Study: Many Technophiles Also Love Libraries

A new study by Pew Research Internet Project has a surprise: people who use the old-school local library also tend to be highly engaged with technology.

Did Juan Pablo Galavis Bomb As 'The Bachelor'?

Some media critics and television fans hoped that casting Juan Pablo Galavis as The Bachelor would bring diversity to ABC's hit reality show. But now many are asking if his performance was a letdown.

SXSW: Tech Industry Inspires New Shows From HBO, AMC

The moneyed world of tech startups is getting a sendup from Mike Judge and a dramatic treatment from AMC. Both programs explore the people who, for better or worse, are changing the way we live.

'Everything But The News' Lightens Up Staid PBS News

PBS pokes fun at itself in the new show Everything But the News. Former NewsHour producer Steve Goldbloom plays a cub reporter covering the tech beat in San Francisco to varying degrees of success.

Path To Television's Future May Be Paved In Virtual Reality

On display at South by Southwest is an attempt to create the future of storytelling. HBO is working with Oculus — maker of virtual reality goggles — to put the audience right into Game of Thrones.

'Sherlock,' 'House Of Cards' Top China's Must-Watch List

A popular cafe in Shanghai named after Sherlock Holmes' London address opened last year and features near-shrine-like treatment of the show's actor, Benedict Cumberbatch.

From One Dream To Another, 'The Returned' Shows Promise

Eric Deggans talks with author Jason Mott about the year's hottest book-to-TV translation, Resurrection. The series, a rare television show starring a black man, is based on Mott's book, The Returned.

Crisis In Ukraine Reveals Tensions Within RT's Newsroom

The name of the cable news network RT used to stand for Russia Today, and it is funded by the Russian government. The network's three channels serve as a propaganda arms of the Kremlin.
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The Future Of Amateurism In College Sports

As football players at Northwestern University attempt to form a union, we explore legal and ethical questions about money in college sports and the rights of student athletes.