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Welsh Actor Keeps Soviet Secrets In 'The Americans'

The Americans is a hit TV show on FX about KGB spies living in the United States. NPR's Scott Simon speaks with Welsh actor Matthew Rhys about playing a Russian with an American accent.

'Penny Dreadful' Is Wonderful, But 'Rosemary's Baby' Is Dreadful

Critic David Bianculli reviews the two new TV programs in the horror genre competing for viewers and attention: NBC's modern-day remake of Rosemary's Baby and Showtime's Victorian Penny Dreadful.

Lurid Meets Literary In 'Penny Dreadful,' An All-Star Gothic Revue

Showtime's new psychological thriller re-imagines classic Victorian boogeymen like Dr. Frankenstein, Dorian Gray and Count Dracula all lurking in London's darkest corners, discussing romantic poetry.

Let's Be Careful Out There: The Legacy Of 'Hill Street Blues'

TV is full of dramas that are as complex as the best novels or films. But they all owe some debt to the pioneering gritty cop show Hill Street Blues, which has just been released on DVD.

Rat Pack's Sammy Davis Jr. Lives On Through Daughter's Stories

Many people considered Sammy Davis Junior the greatest entertainer of his era. His daughter Tracey Davis shares stories from her book Sammy Davis Jr.: A Personal Journey with My Father.
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Rich Massabny: Shooting From The Hip From Arlington For More Than 30 Years

With his off-the-cuff, shoot-from-the-hip style, Rich Massabny has interviewed thousands of people as a newspaper and TV personality.


'Hill Street Blues' Created Two Eras For TV Drama: Before And After

In 1981, NBC presented a new police series that went on to make TV history. Hill Street Blues has just been released on DVD in its entirety for the first time.

Critics Find Little Humor In 'SNL' Writer's Jokes About Slavery

Comedy often pushes the boundaries of taste and sensibilities, as SNL writer Leslie Jones did with her slavery skit this past Saturday. Some laughed, some howled.

Viewers Not Laughing About SNL Slavery Skit

A skit about slavery by Saturday Night Live's Leslie Jones outraged many of the show's black viewers. NPR television critic Eric Deggans talks about the joke and the backlash.

Todd Barry's New Stand-Up Strategy: 'Does Anyone Want To Talk To Me?'

Last year, the comedian teamed up with Louis C.K. to film a tour in which all he did was crowd work, or engage the audience in improvised conversations.