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Nintendo's Super Mario Turns 30

The game's concept and graphics were simple. The gameplay was habit-forming. And Nintendo's mustachioed, overalls-wearing plumber Mario became a global icon.

Smartphones Bring Happiness And Headaches To Myanmar

There were half a million mobile subscribers five years ago. Now there are 22 million. And so the Burmese are getting course in the pluses and minuses of technology.

In 'Gamelife,' A Portrait Of The Writer As A Young Role-Player

Michael W. Clune spent much of his childhood alone — just him and his 8-bit computer. But, as he writes in his new memoir, playing text adventures and role-playing games helped prepare him for life.

#MemeOfTheWeek: Obama Sings The Weeknd, Sort Of

They've been with us for some time now — lip dubs of politicians singing pop songs. But for whatever reason, it never really gets old.

Women In India Speak Out On Facebook. Trolls Threaten Rape And Murder

And the response from the police might be, well, you shouldn't have posted online in the first place.

Top Intelligence Officials Warn Against Growing Threat Of Cyberattacks

The leaders of the U.S. intelligence community convened on Capitol Hill Thursday to discuss worldwide cyber security threats. They said the problem is only getting worse.

Ex-Reddit CEO Ellen Pao Drops Appeal In Gender-Bias Suit Against Kleiner Perkins

In a statement, Pao says the odds, both in the corporate world and in the courts, are stacked against those who allege discrimination. In dropping her appeal, Pao will pay Kleiner Perkins' legal fees.
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Art Beat With Lauren Landau, Sept. 10, 2015

A world premiere play opens in Bethesda and a short film festival returns to D.C.


In Loaded Launch Event, New Apple TV May Merit Closest Look

While Apple's new phones and tablet mostly follow the faster-bigger-sharper formula, Apple TV's voice functionality and app ecosystem could be a breakthrough.

Intel Ending Sponsorship Of Prestigious Science Contest For High School Students

Intel has been the corporate sponsor of the Science Talent Search since 1998. This year the company gave out more than $1 million in prize money.