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#NoCarForMe: Tell Us About Unconventional Means Of Transport Around You

Urban commutes can get crazy. How do you get around? Is it a bike with a motor and a baby carriage? A hoverboard or souped-up skateboard? Send us photos of DYI, rigged, wacky means of transportation.

Bad Review Of Unopened French Restaurant Costs Reviewer

A bad restaurant write-up couldn't have been real as the restaurant had yet to open, a French court ruled.

OK Google: Where Do You Store Recordings Of My Commands?

Here's something to keep in mind when using the "OK Google" voice command feature on Android phones: Google keeps an audio archive of your requests.

Uber Surge Price? Research Says Walk A Few Blocks, Wait A Few Minutes

Northeastern University researchers wanted to figure out how Uber comes up with surge prices by studying Manhattan and San Francisco. They say the surges work, but maybe not the way they are intended.


Do I Need More Snow Shovels? IBM, The Weather Company Aim To Help Businesses Decide

IBM is buying The Weather Company's digital assets, including and Weather Underground. The deal is a bet on big data and cloud computing in forecasting and analyzing weather.

Senate Approves Cybersecurity Bill: What You Need To Know

The Senate approved a measure that's meant to stop hackers, but opponents cite privacy concerns. The bill would create a pipeline for firms to share information on attacks with the government.

After 40 Years, Dungeons & Dragons Still Brings Players To The Table

Michael Witwer, who has written a book about game co-creator Gary Gygax, says D&D does something that online games don't: It brings players physically together to participate in group storytelling.

Startups Cater To Muslim Millennials With Dating Apps And Vegan Halal Soap

Across the U.S., the Muslim population is booming, which spells opportunity for a new generation of Muslim entrepreneurs.

Soon It'll Be OK To Tinker With Your Car's Software After All

Security researchers and owners will be able to dig into the software built into cars and farming equipment under new exemptions from the Librarian of Congress, who oversees a copyright law provision.
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The Google Books Case And Copyright Law In The Tech Age

After more than ten years of legal battles, a federal court affirmed the lawfulness of Google Books, the large-scale effort by Google to create a digitized, searchable repository of the world's texts. On Tech Tuesday, we'll look at the details of the case and what the decision means for our ability to use and share content in the digital age.