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Norway's National Library Discovers Rare Atlas — With A Little Help From Reddit

The Cedid was one of the first printed atlases from the Muslim world. There were 14 known copies in existence — until a Norwegian reference librarian with a fondness for /r/MapPorn noticed something.

Adding 'Beauty And Joy' To Obama's Push For Computer Science Teaching

Fewer than 10 percent of America's high schools offer computer science classes. Educators say just adding courses isn't enough — it will take teachers who inspire.

GE Brings Things To Life In Boston; Lights Out In Connecticut

GE says it will move its headquarters from Fairfield, Conn., to Boston. The company will be getting huge tax breaks, but more than that, it will be gaining access to universities and nonstop flights.

How A Little Boy's Cancer Diagnosis Inspired A Haunting Video Game

Joel Green was just a baby when he was diagnosed with brain cancer. His dad, Ryan, used his skills as a video game developer to tell the story of the family's struggle with that dragon, cancer.

Going Away Without 'Ghosting': A Better Way To Say 'I'm Not Into You'

The simple answer? Honesty. Commentator Sarah Hepola says that once she learned how to turn down dates with men she wasn't interested in, it became much easier to say yes to the ones she liked.
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The Intersection of Civil Rights History & The Space Program (Rebroadcast)

The rise of the American space program overlapped with the dawn of the civil rights movement in the United States. Many of NASA's first African-American employees worked to send humans into space while at the same time finding their place in the struggle for racial equality. Kojo explores this intersection in history with two authors who chronicled the stories of some of the earliest African-American space workers - and an astronaut who followed them to become the first African-American in to lead NASA on a permanent basis.


Self-Driving Cars Are Coming, But Are We Ready For Them?

Automakers and tech companies are racing to develop them. But is the public ready to give up control of their cars? The University of Michigan's Transportation Research Institute has been evaluating.

Car Companies Show Off New Tech At Detroit Auto Show

For years, car geeks have talked a lot about self-driving cars. But this year is different, with record sales and potentially record profits, the industry invested billions on autonomous technology. The major sense in the car world is "we don't want to get disrupted out of business."

The Trouble With Talking Toys

New research says some "educational" toys for infants actually get in the way of learning.

As Writers' Wages Wane In Digital Chapter, Authors Pen Demands

Numbers show more authors are finding it hard to make a living income. Fresh off of fighting the Google Books case, the Authors Guild is now taking on author contracts in an open letter to publishers.