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Can D.C. Taxis Compete With Uber? Regulators Consider Major Deregulation

D.C. regulators are unveiling a proposal for a pilot program to help District cabbies compete with services like Uber in the digitally-dispatched space, while also reducing the barriers to becoming a driver.


Hulk Hogan Testifies In His $100 Million Lawsuit Against Gawker

The former professional wrestler's case over Gawker's release of a sex tape raises big questions about freedom of expression, privacy and celebrity.

How Google's Neural Network Hopes To Beat A 'Go' World Champion

On Wednesday in South Korea, a Google AI program will take on a top-level player in the ancient game of Go. Here's what you need to know.

How A Foiled Robbery Sheds Light On Apple's Clash With The FBI

Is the FBI director right when he says that strong encryption is taking us to an unprecedented new world, where some places in our life are "warrantproof"?

At Supreme Court, Debate Over Phone Privacy Has A Long History

Wiretaps, messaging and metadata: If it reaches the Supreme Court, Apple's legal clash with the FBI would fit into a long discussion about the role of telephones in our lives.

Verizon Settles With FCC Over 'Supercookies' Allegations

Verizon has agreed to pay a fine over allegations it did not tell customers it was adding "supercookies." Those trackers keep collecting data on users even when he or she tries to delete all cookies.

After Terrorist Attack, A Phone Company Is Beating Google At Big Data

When terrorists killed nearly 150 at a high school in Pakistan, the government asked mobile carriers to fingerprint every SIM card owner. Soon, one firm realized its power to collect customer data.

Why Digital Security Is An 'Arms Race' Between Firms And The Feds

Cybersecurity expert Susan Landau argues that the FBI's dispute with Apple over the San Bernardino iPhone shouldn't be a choice between weaker phone security and the FBI's investigative power.

Does Encryption Make Phones 'Warrantproof?' Fact-Checking The FBI

FBI Director James Comey says encryption will allow criminal suspects to conceal evidence in a way that's unprecedented in American history. NPR checks on the validity of his claim.

Verizon Will Pay $1.35 Million Fine In Settlement Over Its Use Of 'Supercookies'

The unique identifiers allow Verizon to target advertising to its mobile subscribers, even if the "cookies" are deleted.