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The White House Is Backing Strong Open Internet Rules

President Obama is calling on rule-makers to reclassify broadband as a public utility. It would give the FCC much broader authority to stop "fast lanes" and "slow lanes" to the Internet.

Inhalable Chocolate? Ingestible Ideas From A Lab For The Senses

A real-life Willy Wonka invites scientists, designers, composers, artists and chefs to collaborate on novel foods and other cultural confections.

Die-Hard Users Are Still Dialing Up The Internet On AOL

Despite broadband, AOL is still going strong. Around 2 million people still subscribe to the company's dial-up service, ringing in the '90s one modem at a time.

WATCH: The Robotic Baby Penguin That Spies For Scientists

The emperor penguins of Antarctica are adorable. They're also pretty skittish when humans come around to collect data. Researchers at the University of Strasbourg have a solution: a penguin rover.

Hello 'Car Talk,' I Need A Good Car To Get Around Africa

It's not just American drivers who are mourning the death of Car Talk co-host Tom Magliozzi. He reached a global audience as well.

Tech Week: The New U.S. CTO, Silk Road 2.0, Amazon Echoes Siri

A profile of the new U.S. technology chief , how the FBI took down the latest online bazaar for black market goods, and the other tech headlines you need to read, all in this week's roundup.

Electronic Medical Records, Built For Efficiency, Often Backfire

Computerized prescription orders are one real advantage. Clicking checkboxes on screen after screen not so much.

17 Arrested As European, U.S. Authorities Raid Darknet Sites

Among those held were the alleged owner and operator of Silk Road 2.0 in San Francisco. The underground online markets seized Thursday allow users to anonymously buy illegal products and services.

Beyond Cat Videos: YouTube Bets On Production Studio 'Playgrounds'

The online video giant has just opened a gleaming new production studio in Manhattan. It's part of an effort to attract new viewers — and ultimately compete with companies like Netflix and Hulu.

Amazon Wants To Put A Listening Speaker In Your Home

Are you ready to bring an eavesdropping device that's connected to the cloud into the privacy of your abode? Amazon thinks so, as it introduces Echo, a speaker that takes your questions and commands.