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Tray Tables Stowed, Seat Backs Upright — And Galaxy Note 7s Off, Please

The Federal Aviation Administration is warning owners of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone not to turn their phones on or charge them during flights — and not to put the devices in checked bags, either.

FCC Wants To Replace Your Cable TV Box With An App

The FCC has seen the future of cable TV, and it looks like the apps on your smartphone. The agency will vote later this month on a proposal to free consumers from the set-top box.

The Next iPhone Can't Do These Two Things At Once

With Apple doing away with the ubiquitous headphone jack on its new iPhones, lots of people are puzzled about how they'll be able to charge their phones and listen to wired headphones simultaneously.

Airbnb Unveils Changes To Address Racial Discrimination

One study found booking requests from Airbnb users with African-American sounding names were roughly 16 percent less likely to be accepted; another found discrepancies in hosts' profits.
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What Turmoil At Fox News May Mean For Journalism, Television News And The Conservative Agenda

A $20 million dollar pay-out to settle sex harassment allegations at Fox News and the abrupt departure of long-time host Greta Van Susteren: What ongoing turmoil at the network may mean for journalism, television news and the conservative agenda.


The Rise Of The Drone, And The Thorny Questions That Have Followed

Since the Sept. 11 attacks, the drone has become America's go-to weapon when it comes to tracking and killing extremists. But drones have raised many legal, moral and ethical issues.

NASA Launches Mission To Retrieve Ancient Asteroid Dust

The mission aims to circle a hill-sized asteroid for two years, then skim its surface and bring a hearty sample of 4.5 billion-year-old dirt back to Earth.

Apple Scraps Headphone Jack In iPhone 7, Reveals Cordless AirPods

Why is Apple pushing users toward wireless earbuds? "Courage," says an Apple executive. Other news from the Apple event involved Super Mario, Pokemon Go and water-resistant features.

Hit The Road, Headphone Jack: New iPhone Goes Wireless

In light of the news that Apple is eliminating a headphone jack from its newest iPhone, NPR's Audie Cornish explores the history of the headphone jack with Jonathan Sterne, author of the book, The Audible Past: Cultural Origins of Sound Reproduction.

Facebook And Mortality: Why Your Incessant Joy Gives Me The Blues

Has the social media site been good for our mental health or not? The evidence isn't straightforward, researchers say, despite lots of study. How Facebook makes you feel may depend on how you use it.