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OPM Now Says More Than 5 Million Fingerprints Were Stolen In Cyberattack

Hackers were able to steal the prints of some 5.6 million people — up from the original estimate of 1.1 million. The new number comes as Chinese President Xi Jinping visits the U.S.

U.S.-China Business Relationship Is, As Trump Might Say, Huge

Even U.S. companies that don't have close ties with China have to be concerned with its slowing growth. When China buys fewer goods and commodities, prices fall for producers everywhere.

Making College More Affordable, One Text At A Time

The right text or email message can help students get enrolled, find the right payment plan and remind them to pay, White House research shows.

Cybersecurity Tops Agenda As Chinese President Visits Obama

One of the biggest topics President Obama is expected to discuss with Chinese President Xi Jinping this week is the hacking of U.S. companies by China. American officials say the issue threatens relations between the countries, and the U.S. is threatening to impose sanctions.

China's President Meets With Tech Leaders In Seattle

Chinese President Xi Jinping begins his trip to the U.S. in Seattle Tuesday, where he will meet with leaders in tech and aerospace.

Volkswagen Says 11 Million Cars Worldwide Have Emissions Cheating Software

Volkswagen faces a growing scandal over how it used software to dodge clean air rules for diesel vehicles. The Justice Department opened a criminal probe and financial penalties are sure to follow.

The Cost Of Interruptions: They Waste More Time Than You Think

Interruptions are ubiquitous and annoying. Studies indicate that getting interrupted is also costly — it can take a long while for people who have been distracted to settle back into tasks. Now, new research explores whether there is a cure.
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The Evolution Of Teenage Friendship In The Internet Age

A new survey says more than half of teens report meeting friends online, some of whom they never meet in person. Tech Tuesday explores the nature of teenage friendship in the digital age.


Text Reminders Help People Lower Cholesterol, Blood Pressure

Plain old text messages — you know, the ones you don't need a smartphone to receive — helped people with heart disease make changes like smoking less and exercising more.

A Rat In New York City Shows How We All Feel About Pizza

A rodent was caught on video trying to lug a slice of pizza twice its size down a flight of subway stairs. #PizzaRat eventually abandoned the slice, mournfully looking back at what could have been.