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Around The U.S., Voting Technology Is All Over The Place

Voting machines purchased after the 2000 elections are coming to the end of their useful lives. States are looking to buy new equipment but there's little money and technology is changing rapidly.


Video Made The Internet Star: YouTube Turns 10

YouTube was registered as a domain name 10 years ago today, and yes, it's gone viral. NPR's Scott Simon looks back on a decade's worth of cat videos, politics, self-help and everything in between.

Not Everyone Agrees On How To Tame Obama's Cyber 'Wild West'

President Obama wants to stop cyberattacks by getting companies and law enforcement to coordinate. He signed an executive order that could pave the way, but some in the business world are skeptical.

'Wall Street Journal': Apple Working On An Electric Car

Basing its story on unnamed Apple employees, the paper reported that Apple was gearing up to challenge Telsa in the electric car market.

Private, Government Cooperation Could Stem Cyberattacks

Rachel Martin talks to Derek Manky, lead threat researcher for Fortinet, one of the founding members of the Cyber Threat Alliance, about the White House executive order on cybersecurity.

Obama Calls For Better Response To Cybersecurity Threats

President Obama signed an executive order that aims to stem attacks by hackers. The order encourages companies to share information about cyber threats with each other and the federal government.

On World Radio Day, A New Generation Finds Their Voice

Friday is UNESCO's World Radio Day. The theme this year is "Youth and Radio" — so Youth Radio reporter and commentator Bianca Brooks talks about the impact radio has had on her.

This Valentine's Day, I'm Loving The Boyfriend I Built For Myself

Single and tired of being asked if you're dating? A new service offers the appearance of having a significant other who texts you and even leaves voice mails. NPR's Jasmine Garsd gave it a try.

Internet Pioneer Warns Our Era Could Become The 'Digital Dark Ages'

Google Vice President Vint Cerf says that our complete reliance on digital information that is often not preserved could result in an information "black hole" for future historians.

Obama To Urge Companies To Share Data On Cyberthreats

The Obama administration promotes a framework for sharing information about data breaches, hoping to prevent or limit attacks like those that recently hit Sony and Anthem Inc.