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So Pinterest Is A Woman's World. Does That Matter?

Pinterest, which has drawn lots of media interest and millions of users, has been tagged "digital crack for women." But while most users are female, men are finding ways to use the social media site, like Drew Hawkins' "Board of Man."

Twitter Diplomacy: State Department 2.0

Diplomacy in the age of social media is transforming the way ambassadors do their jobs. From tweets to Facebook posts, the State Department is encouraging ambassadors to get their messages out in new and different ways.

Pakistan's Military Unveils iPad Copy PACPAD

Pakistani workers at an Air Force factory are making a low-budget tablet computer. With Pakistani engineering and Chinese hardware, they make their version of Apple's iPad. The copy is the PACPAD.

Why Twitter Ties Resemble Airline Hub Maps

Twitter is supposed to have turned the world into a global village. But new research shows that our Twitter ties are considerably more parochial than most of us imagine. People no longer define their communities by where they live but by common interests.