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Social Media Protestor From Egypt Makes Stop In D.C.

A young woman who is known as the face of the social networking revolution in Egypt made a stop at a Washington D.C. high school Tuesday to talk to students about political activism.

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E-Verify System Now Accessible To Immigrants

Immigrants in five states and the District of Columbia with questions about their eligibility to work in the United States can now use a government database to verify their own status.

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Virginia To Use Familial DNA In Investigations

Virginia is taking steps to join the small number of states that allow the use of familial DNA in criminal investigations. Familial DNA searches have been used in California and Colorado, but many states are not using the technology over privacy concerns.

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College Contest In Va. Could Help Demystify Redistricting

The release of new census data has set the politically-charged and often arcane task of redistricting in motion in states and localities across the country.

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Local Teen Helps Families Of Autistic Children In Va.

In Virginia, a teenager at Thomas Jefferson High School is doing her part to make a difference in the lives of autistic children, with a technology millions of people carry around in their pockets each day.

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Software Pulls Back Curtain On Redistricting Process

New technology is helping more citizens try their hand at redrawing the political map.