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Cyber Countershot: U.S. Hacks Web Ads Of Al-Qaida's Yemen Affiliate

State Department specialists have replaced anti-American ads put on Yemeni websites by al-Qaida with postings that detail the deadly impact of al-Qaida tactics on Yemenis themselves, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says.

Travel Apps That Help You Pack, Explore And Enjoy The Scenery

Mobile phones and tablets have put a world of information at our fingertips, even when we're on the go. It would seem natural, then, for smartphones to help make traveling easier and more fun. But not all apps are created equal — so we got advice from Lauren Goode, a senior editor at the All Things D blog.

HP Will Cut 8 Percent Of Workforce Or 27,000 Jobs

The cuts will happen over an extended period wrapping up by the end of 2014.

Couch-Surfing: Global Travel On The Cheap

Nearly 4 million people are members of, and can find a host in every country — including Antarctica and North Korea — free of charge. New Yorker staff writer Patricia Marx became a member recently, and stayed in the homes of seven friendly strangers.

Challenge: Use The Moog Doodle To Play The 'All Things Considered' Theme

Play around with Google's latest Doodle, which mimics the iconic Moog Synthesizer. If you can recreate the show's theme song, share it with others.

Get Ready For The First Robot President

Whoever wins in November may go down in history as the First Robot President. Not because people have found Barack Obama and Mitt Romney robot-like on occasion (although they have). But because the next occupant of the White House will face a growing influx and influence of robots in our everyday lives.

Xerox CEO: 'If You Don't Transform, You're Stuck'

Founded in 1906, Xerox is one of America's most venerable companies. But the corporate giant has struggled in the digital age. CEO Ursula Burns, the first African-American woman to run a Fortune 500 company, is working to transform a company known for photocopy machines into a services icon.

Stolen Phone Beams Photos To Owner, Who Puts Them On Facebook

When Katy McCaffrey's stolen iPhone began beaming her photos from a cruise ship, she posted a batch of photos from the purloined iPhone on her Facebook page, in an album called "Stolen iPhone Adventures."