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DeLorean Goes Electric: Company Plans New Model Of Iconic Gullwing Car

There's a new DeLorean DMC-12 coming out — or rather, there's a new version of the stainless steel wedge of a sportscar that became an icon of '80s cool. But it won't run on gas — it'll be electric. And it won't require a nuclear reaction that generates 1.21 gigawatts, either.

A Twitter Push To Keep Chiquita From Splitting Town

Over 300 jobs are at stake if the company leaves its Cincinnati headquarters, so locals are tweeting the CEO. Not to be outdone, residents in Charlotte, N.C., have started their own campaign to lure the company to their city. It's a good-natured battle over a decision usually kept behind closed doors.

BlackBerry Customers Offered Free Apps As Apology

Saying it's an "expression of appreciation" for customers' patience during last week's outages, Research in Motion is giving subscribers about $100 worth of "premium apps" and one month of free technical support.

Apps For Exercise, Eating And Sending Postcards

Today's smartphones have apps that can help you track your latest jogging route — and find a place to eat afterward. And if you snap a nice picture along the way, they'll even let you use that to make a postcard.

Wall Street Protesters More Savvy Than Sloppy

Occupy Wall Street protests are planned in cities around the country Saturday. On Friday in New York, a planned clean-up of Zuccotti Park near Wall Street was postponed. NPR's Margot Adler reports on daily life in the Lower Manhattan park where the protest movement began. At first glance, the lives of the protesters may seem loose and anarchistic, but there's actually lot of invisible technology, infrastructure, innovation and even some sophisticated finance going on.

117 Years Of Race Stats Put To Pasture At The Track

The Keeneland racetrack in Lexington, Ky., holds a vast collection of the Daily Racing Form, the newspaper of the thoroughbred industry. It doesn't have enough financial resources yet, but the library is working on preserving and digitizing the paper, in print since 1894 — and still printing.

Video Pick: Space Eggs

If you try to spin a raw egg on a table, you will notice that it doesn't twirl very well--at least compared to a hard boiled egg. Astronaut Don Pettit wondered what would happen if you repeated the experiment in space. Any guesses?

Searching For Meaning In A Cheap Toaster

Carl Sagan once said that if you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe. In his book The Toaster Project, author and artist Thomas Thwaites describes his effort to build a cheap plastic toaster from scratch, and what the project taught him about material goods, self-reliance, international commerce, and globalization.