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Online Therapy Helps Teens Recover From Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Online cognitive behavioral therapy worked much better than office visits for teenagers with chronic fatigue syndrome, according to a new study. The convenience of online behavioral therapy may be one big reason why.

Microsoft Goes Mobile With Windows 8

Available later this year, Microsoft's Windows 8 is an operating system designed for mobile computing. It's built for a world of tablets and touch, and represents a huge departure for a company struggling to keep up with Apple and Google in mobile technology.

Shoot Now, Focus Later: A Little Camera To Change The Game

Does the new Lytro take the art out of photography? Or open up new doors to artistic interpretation?


New Ways To Think About Online Privacy

Afraid to post your child's picture on Facebook? Worried your financial information will be compromised? Experts say we need to decide how we want to interact with each other, consider the importance of privacy to a democracy and take the time to learn privacy settings and rules.

Google And Privacy: Is It Time To Give Up?

For many, trying to maintain privacy in contemporary America seems just too time consuming, too complicated, too exhausting. The latest frustration: Google's new privacy policy, which goes into effect Thursday. Privacy advocates say that Internet users should demand protections and not give up their rights.

Protecting Your Privacy Amid Google Policy Changes

Starting Thursday, when you sign into Google and use its dozens of popular services, it will combine that personal data to produce more targeted ads. Host Michel Martin and Washington Post national technology reporter Cecilia Kang discuss what concerned users can do.

The Story Of

The story of Essam Ahmed Eid is a cautionary tale of one man's drive to put more money in his pocket by taking advantage of other people's problems.