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Wis. Business Hopes To Help Break The CD Habit

Murfie will burn your old discs to a digital file, recycle the cases and even resell the album online. It's part eBay, part iTunes, the company says.

Netflix Backpedals On Qwikster Service

Netflix has announced that it is reversing a decision to split its DVD-by mail and streaming video services after subscribers derided the idea, saying they didn't want to have to manage two accounts, two web sites and two passwords.

Netflix Kills Qwikster; Price Hike Lives On

Bowing to customers' anger and confusion, the company is backpedaling on a move to divide its streaming and DVD movie offerings. Netflix is doing away with its Qwikster service before it even launches — but it's keeping the price increases announced in July.

How Many Gills In A Cubic Dekameter?

It's time to celebrate millimeters, kilograms, liters and hectares! it's National Metric Week, and the U.S. stands almost alone in its lack of affection for the Système international d'unités. Serious repercussions have resulted; just ask NASA about their Mars Orbiter.

Classroom Computers, Another Legacy Of Steve Jobs

Apple helped pioneer the use of computers in schools back in the 1980s with the graphical interface of the Macintosh. These days, it's the iPad that's the hot trend in education and Jobs' education legacy is growing with the popularity of mobile devices in the classroom.

After Jobs, Who Will Be Next American Visionary?

Steve Jobs helped build an iconic company and then transformed industry and popular culture, much like Thomas Edison or Walt Disney. They possessed qualities that set them apart from other tycoons of industry. Now that Jobs is gone, it may be decades before we see his like again.

Remembering Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, co-founder and longtime CEO of Apple Inc., passed away this week at the age of 56. Technology writer Steven Levy, author of the book Insanely Great remembers the life and contributions of the technology titan, from pioneering personal computers to the iPhone.