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Anonymous Comes Out In The Open

The cyberguerrilla group known for high-profile computer attacks on corporate and government targets is asking followers to put down their keyboards this weekend for a flesh-and-blood protest on Wall Street. But turning "hacktivism" to activism may prove difficult.

Hacking Made Easier, Thanks To User-Friendly Tools

Experts say illegal revenge attacks on computer networks, such as those carried out by the "hacktivist" group Anonymous, are less difficult to pull off because of the easy availability of website-crippling tools.

This Summer, 3-D Ticket Sales Disappoint

A new 3-D version of The Lion King is opening in theaters on Friday. A couple of years ago, industry executives thought 3-D movies — with their higher ticket prices — were supposed to save the movie industry. However 3-D ticket sales weren't dazzling this summer.

Balancing Budgets And R&D

With all forms of federal spending under the microscope, spending on scientific research, technology development, and science education is facing deep cuts. In an editorial in the journal Science Congressman Rush Holt argues for keeping research and development as a key part of the federal budget.

How Do U.S. Solar Companies Compare To China's?

Solyndra is just one of several American solar companies that have gone bankrupt this year. To get a sense of how the industry is doing overall — and whether it can hope to compete with Chinese solar companies — Melissa Block talks with David Baker, who covers energy for the San Francisco Chronicle.

Tweeting To Electoral Victory In China? Maybe Not

In China, an electoral battle is playing out over the Chinese equivalent of Twitter. As local elections take place, some are using this platform to run campaigns as independent candidates. But authorities have harassed some of those political hopefuls.

A Teenager's Photo That Helped Inspire Libya's Revolutionaries

Teenager Zehra Tajouri's photo of her sister holding a defaced Libyan flag, taken on the first day of the uprising last February, became an online symbol of the Libyan revolution.

Comcast Offers A Digital Lifeline To The Disconnected

The cable giant now offers Internet access to low-income families for $9.95 per month. Stipulated by its merger with NBCUniversal, the effort is meant to help children access resources they need for school. But families need more than cheap Internet access to bridge the digital divide, experts say.