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Women Breaking Firewall To U.S. Tech Capital

Silicon Valley is largely seen as dominated by white men. Host Michel Martin speaks with two African-American women who broke the mold: Angela Benton, founder and CEO of Black Web Media, and LaToya Drake, digital correspondent for AOL.

Setbacks And Surprises Part Of The Deal For A Startup

The roller-coaster ride for one Seattle startup continues. One co-founder has left, the company may have to change its name, and the entrepreneurs have raised far less money than they had hoped. Despite all that, the team isn't giving up.

Interpreting The Constitution In The Digital Era

Technologies like GPS and social media are posing new challenges to interpreting the Constitution's guarantees of privacy and free speech. Law professor and journalist Jeffrey Rosen says we're now in an era the Founding Fathers could never have imagined, in which private companies are determining the rules for what can be shared.

The Search For Analysts To Make Sense Of 'Big Data'

Businesses' desire to make sense of vast troves of data means mathematicians are in high demand, creating a recruiting war for talented analysts. DJ Patil, a "big data" expert who now recruits for a venture capital firm, compares raw data to clay: shapeless until molded by a gifted mathematician.
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Virginia Mall Suspends Use Of Customer Tracking

Complaint by the ACLU of Virginia have prompted a Richmond mall to suspend the use of a new technology that tracks customer movements using their cell phones.


Bringing Audi Back, For A Younger Audience

Audi has seen a near tenfold growth in the past 20 years, and the company has also become the new status car for young urban professionals. That's reflected in a viral marketing campaign featuring Justin Timberlake, who's a decade younger than his celebrity counterpart at Chrysler, Eminem.