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Pro-Assad 'Army' Wages Cyberwar In Syria

The Internet has become another battleground as the Syrian government expands its crackdown on opponents. Sophisticated Web surveillance of activists has led to numerous arrests.

The New 'Top' Story: Facebook's Flow Of Change

Some users were caught off guard by the revamped Facebook News Feed — and the changes won't stop coming.

Will Whitman Help Hewlett-Packard Find Its Way?

In announcing that Meg Whitman would become the new CEO, the HP board called her a "technology visionary with a proven track record of execution." She takes the reins as the company's market value falters and it weighs whether to shed its PC business.

Google Head Denies Thwarting Rivals

Eric Schmidt told a Senate panel the company faces tough competition and isn't using its dominance in Internet search to stifle competitors. The hearing is examining whether Google is abusing its power by placing links to its own content and services at the top of search results to the disadvantage of its rivals' links.

Google Chairman Testifies Before Antitrust Panel

Google is in the spotlight Wednesday. It's defending itself against allegations that it's acting like a monopoly. Google's chairman, Eric Schmidt, testified in front of a Senate subcommittee. For more, Melissa Block talks to NPR's Yuki Noguchi.

A Do-It-Yourself Approach To The Electric Car

Jack Rickard and Brian Noto have developed something of a cult following on their webcast in which they talk in soul-crushing detail about the intricacies of how to gut a gas-guzzling road warrior and convert it into an all-electric vehicle. On Wednesday, they host the Electric Vehicle Conversion Convention at the Cape Girardeau airport.

Latina Moms Find Advice, Community In 'MamiVerse'

The news and lifestyle website MamiVerse launched this summer. It features Latina journalists, writers, entrepreneurs and everyday moms who are just trying to keep it all together. The site is also for the moms' daughters and their families.

Will Sony's Tablet S Delight Customers?

The Japanese company Sony has had a tough year. It's endured a string of attacks from hackers, earthquake damage and lower earnings and profits. Now the company has released a new product: Tablet S. David Greene talks to Bloomberg tech columnist Rich Jaroslovsky about what the success of the computer tablet would mean for the one-time king of consumer electronics.