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Yahoo, ABC News Announce Partnership

Monday, ABC News and Yahoo announced a new partnership. Yahoo wants ABC News to bring more content to its site, and ABC News is interested in Yahoo's big audience.

Comedian Samantha Bee Makes A Parenting Meal Of 'Eating Over The Sink'

Comedian Samantha Bee may be familiar from The Daily Show, but now she's joined the ranks of parenting bloggers.

ABC News And Yahoo! Open A New Partnership With A Presidential Chat

Today's announcement of an alliance between ABC News and Yahoo! gets off to a noisy start with an interview with President Obama this afternoon.

Dead Sea Scrolls Come Alive On Google

Google and the Israel Museum in Jerusalem have partnered to launch a new website that allows people the ability to view the Dead Sea Scrolls in detail. Host Audie Cornish talks with Jon Stokes, who writes about technology for

Old-Fashioned Letter Writing Meets Digital Age

In so many ways, the Internet has shoved aside old-fashioned letters, the kind written on stationery or letterhead. But serves as a bridge between the new technology and the old. Shaun Usher edits the site that's filled with correspondence written or received by people whose names you know. Michele Norris talks to Shaun Usher about gems from Marilyn Monroe, Roald Dahl and Johnny Cash.

Living In A Geodesic Dome Home

Kevin Shea is a retired New York City firefighter with an unorthodox home. He lives in a 93,000 cubic-foot-geodesic dome, equipped with solar panels, a wind turbine, and a geothermal system. The home is on the grid, but outside the box.