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When big tech companies shift policies or alter services, consumers often find themselves scratching their heads.


ICANN's Call For New Domain Names Brings Criticism, And $357 Million

The corporation that regulates the Internet plans to increase the number of "top level" domains from the current 22 to 1,000 domains starting in early 2013. The proposed domains offer a cross-section of the Internet — what we use it for, and where the money is.

As Home-As-B&B Service Grows, So Does Controversy

The online service for short-term rentals in private homes known as Airbnb got a boost when it was featured at the recent Apple conference. But the company has also drawn in attention in cities like San Francisco, where legal concerns over everything from liability and safety to upset landlords have led to scrutiny. Audie Cornish speaks with Fast Company reporter Austin Carr about what Airbnb is up against.

New Internet Suffixes Are The Web's Newest Frontier

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers — or ICANN — announced Wednesday which companies or entities have applied to administer top level domains like ".google" or potentially ".drink." Some say it has implications for consumers because it could increase potential for Internet fraud.

'Pets,' 'Pizza' & 'Porn' Among New Internet Domain Names Sought

Those, and others such as ".sex," may be among suffixes such as ".com" at the end of Internet addresses.

Taking Ivy League Classes Online, For Free

When Stanford professor Andrew Ng put one of his classes online, more than 100,000 students signed up. Now he's co-founded a company, Coursera, with the potential to give millions of students free access to classes from Stanford, Princeton, the University of Pennsylvania and other schools.

World Is 'Hellish Nightmare' In Player's 10-Year Long Strategy Game

'Lycerius' has played the Civilization II strategy game for 10 years. Ninety percent of humans are dead in the year 3991. Most of the world is underwater. A 1,700-year-long war is raging among three superpowers. Think Waterworld + Terminator.