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Can Amazon's Fire Tap Into iPad's Success?

Amazon has unveiled its new Fire, a tablet device that does much more than the company's successful Kindle e-readers. Will Amazon's entry into the tablet market challenge Apple's iPad dominance?
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Statewide Broadband Network Goes Live In Rural Md.

barbara mikulski and martin o'malley

Maryland's statewide broadband network has officially gone live in rural Charles County, and Senator Barbara Mikulski believes it could be a model for the nation.


How Will Amazon's Fire Impact Apple?

On Wednesday, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced the release of a tablet device called Fire. Michele Norris will talk with NPR's Laura Sydell about what this means for Amazon, Apple and consumers.

Amazon Debuts Its New Tablet

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced Wednesday the release of a full-color tablet device called Fire, as well as three new Kindle E-Ink models starting at $79.

Who Are You, Really? Activists Fight For Pseudonyms

Some online activists see Google's measure to shut down accounts with names that don't look real as part of a worrying trend to force people to use their real names online. They say they want freedom to express themselves — and that there are benign reasons to use pseudonyms.

Amazon Unveils Its Tablet, The Kindle Fire: Can It Compete?

Today, Amazon unveiled the Kindle Fire, a 7-inch tablet that functions like a souped-up e-reader that can also give you access to music, movies, and apps. But questions abound about the device's ability to fit into a crowded market for portable media devices.