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With Starz Announcement, Netflix Takes A Hit

The premium cable network Starz announced that it would not renew its streaming contract with Netflix Thursday. The news came on the same day that Netflix's controversial new price hike kicked in — and the company's stock took a beating. Melissa Block talks to Ben Fritz, who has been covering the story for the Los Angeles Times.

Robot-To-Robot Chat Yields Curious Conversation

This week, Cornell's Creative Machines Lab posted a video that shows what happens when a robot chats with another robot. The result? A curious conversation that goes from eccentric to existential. Robert Siegel talks to Hod Lipson, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at Cornell University, who helped set up the experiment.
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UMD-College Park Rolls Out New Safety App For Students' Smartphones

The campus at the University of Maryland, College Park is very large, and some students may not feel safe walking alone. But a new application for their smartphones is meant to ensure that campus police are just seconds away.

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Virginia To Address Liability Issues On Digital Credentials

Many companies and government agencies use digital credentials online to guard against fraud and identity thieves. But a state panel is grappling with the question of who should be liable if those credentials fall into the wrong hands.


Phila. Police Enlist Private Cameras To Capture Crime

The police department is encouraging residents and businesses to register their security cameras in a new program called SafeCam. The department is creating a database of cameras so police know where to look for footage that may have caught a crime on tape.