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You Know You Want One: Personal Robots Are Coming, But Not Ready For You Yet

A Silicon Valley company hopes to make a Jetsons-style robot a reality in your home. But the personal robotics industry has a few hurdles to jump before you can have your own robotic maid.

Does Your Smartphone Go Next To The Salad Fork Or The Soup Spoon?

We ask the pros: Is it bad manners to have technology at the dinner table? Well, as with most things, it depends.
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NASA Rocket To Launch From Eastern Shore

The shuttle has come and gone, but NASA is moving on. This week, they'll be launching a 35-foot rocket from the Wallops Flight Facility on the Eastern Shore.


Microsoft Promises A 'Major' Announcement; What Will It Be?

Most analysts are betting the company will take another dip into hardware, announcing a new tablet device.
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Personal Tech Advice

When big tech companies shift policies or alter services, consumers often find themselves scratching their heads.


ICANN's Call For New Domain Names Brings Criticism, And $357 Million

The corporation that regulates the Internet plans to increase the number of "top level" domains from the current 22 to 1,000 domains starting in early 2013. The proposed domains offer a cross-section of the Internet — what we use it for, and where the money is.