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Innovative Projects Tap Renewable Energy Sources

Two projects aim to harness renewable energy using cutting-edge technology and engineering. AltaRock's Susan Petty discusses plans to turn hot rocks at a dormant volcano into a source of power. University of Maine's Habib Dagher talks about the potential of deepwater floating wind turbines.

Synthetic Windpipe Transplant Boost For Tissue Engineering

Surgeons in Sweden replaced an American patient's cancerous windpipe with a scaffold built from nanofibers and seeded with the patient's stem cells. Lead surgeon Dr. Paolo Macchiarini discusses the procedure and the benefits of tissue-engineered synthetic organs.

Megaupload Is Trying To Go Back Online Even As Execs Sit In Jail

Accused of copyright infringement and conspiracy, the file-sharing site's founder and three others are being held in a New Zealand jail. Meanwhile, the site has one webpage up and running.

Senate Vote Delayed On PIPA, Its Anti-Piracy Bill

Support for the legislation had been slipping even before Wednesday's "black out" by Wikipedia and some other websites. Now, senators will take some time to make changes in the bill.

Megaupload Shut Down By The FBI

An indictment charges the file-sharing site with copyright infringement, racketeering and money laundering.

This App Was Made For Walking — But Is It Racist?

Microsoft now owns the patent to a new GPS feature that helps pedestrians avoid bad weather, difficult terrain and unsafe neighborhoods. Critics are calling it the "avoid ghetto" app, but others say it's just the next step in GPS technology.

Apple Carves Inroads In Educational Publishing

Apple announced it is getting into the electronic textbook business. The tech company is releasing new tools that make it easier for publishers to create new interactive textbooks designed to be used on Apple's iPad.
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File-Sharing Website Shut Down

The FBI and Justice Department are going after file-sharing site and its employees, after a Virginia grand jury indicted them on several counts.