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Betrayed By Metadata: John McAfee Admits He's Really In Guatemala

The founder of the anti-virus software company is on the run, wanted for questioning over a murder in Belize. But the technological genius' location was given up by data inadvertently left in a photograph taken with an iPhone.

Making Permanent Digital Records Not So Permanent

The Internet is forever — and so are texts, tweets and Facebook updates — but a startup has big ambitions to bring privacy and impermanence to online communication. The company, called Wickr, lets users decide how long a message lives.

Nielsen Study Notices Growth In Social TV

Renee Montagne talks to Dierdre Bannon of Nielsen about its new report on social media use. Among the findings: explosive growth in Social TV, which is people watching television while connected to social media on smartphones and tablets.

Which Tablet Is Right For You?

For the first time, Apple's iPad has some competition: Google's Nexus, Amazon's Kindle Fire HD and the Microsoft Surface. Tech reporters Steve Henn and Laura Sydell have been testing out the latest tablets this holiday season — and found that content is king.

Sites Give Emergency Compliments, Hugs On Bad Days

Audie Cornish and Melissa Block have more on some websites that deliver emergency compliments and virtual hugs when you need them most.