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In A World Where One Teen's Voice Is An Internet Hit

Jake Foushee was 14 when he posted a YouTube video showing off his "movie trailer voice" for friends. When the video went viral, Jake found himself on national television. The next stop might be the big screen itself.

Delayed At The Airport? They're Working On It

The FAA is hoping to make some delays a thing of the past. It's developing what it calls "NextGen" technology to modernize the air traffic control system, transforming it from radar to GPS-based technology.

MIT Builds A Needle-Free Drug Injector

Jet injectors have been delivering drugs and vaccines without needles since the Star Trek era, but never caught on widely in real-world medicine. A device developed at MIT promises to change that, with computer-controlled precision and an injection as inconspicuous as a mosquito's jab.
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How Education Technology is Shaping the Future

A former Apple executive is helping prepare America's students, teachers and its future citizens for the digital future.


#FollowFriday: A Tiny Shred Of Political Authenticity

Politicians routinely use Twitter, but harder to find are those whose tweets actually, really, identifiably come from them. The ones who tweet interesting facts, interact with constituents, and even — gasp — crack jokes on occasion. Let me recommend a few who walk the walk and tweet the tweet.

Friend Your Students? New York City Schools Say No

This spring, the city's Department of Education issued its first guidelines about how teachers should navigate social media. The rules make it explicit: Teachers cannot friend or follow their students on Facebook or Twitter, but they can have professional accounts and pages for students to follow.

Why Printer Ink Is The Other 'Black Gold'

Printer ink is more expensive per unit than some pricy vintage champagnes. Robert Siegel and Audie Cornish explore why that is.