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Robot Eyes As Good As Humans When Grading Essays

A new study has determined that some automated essay graders can do as good of a job as humans. Melissa Block talks with New York Times education columnist Michael Winerip about the study and the weaknesses of automatic essay readers.

With 'Drive,' Google Joins The Cloud Storage War

The new service is years in the making and has some critics asking if it's too little too late.

It's Zip It Day On Google

The search engine's latest "doodle" is in honor of Gideon Sundback, the inventor of the modern zipper.

Arab Tech Startups Try To Seize The Moment

Social networking sites have been at the vanguard of the Arab uprisings over the past year. Egyptians used online pages to organize protests, and Syrian activists have posted frequent YouTube videos showing government forces shelling civilian areas.

Are Your Facebook Friends Really Your Friends?

If you were to photograph all of your Facebook friends, what would it look like? One photographer, Tanja Hollander, is on a mission to find out.
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