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Google's New Privacy Policy Will Allow Tracking Across Services

Critics say the new policy will open opportunities for hackers to access vast personal data.

How To Avoid 'Bill Shock' From Smartphone Use

Americans who've been traveling abroad are all too often stunned by the size of their mobile phone bill. Even if they aren't actively using their phone, they can rack up hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars in charges as data streams to their phone over foreign networks.

Apple Sold 37 Million iPhones Last Quarter, 7 Million More Than Expected

The company earned $13.1 billion in the quarter ended Dec. 31, a record. Sales of iPads were also up — soaring 111 percent from the same quarter a year earlier.

Who Are You? Google+ Really Wants To Know

Google will begin allowing users to add nicknames on Google+, but you'll have to apply to use them. For Google, its social network is not really about competing with Facebook to create a place where you can hang out online. It's about figuring out who you really are.

Conn. Tribes Hope To Win Big With Online Poker

The governor is negotiating a deal that could put tribes in charge of the state's new online gaming enterprise. Casino operators and state officials are closely watching to see what kind of impact online poker will have on their revenue.

Stanford Takes Online Schooling To The Next Academic Level

Last semester, Stanford University professors tried something radically new: They opened their classes to the world for free. Within hours, thousands had signed up to participate. The classes' success could transform the way we look at higher education.

Niche No More: Survey Shows Tablets Are Everywhere

A new survey indicates that 29 percent of American adults now own a tablet computer and/or an e-reader. That number went up 11 percent in just a few weeks, a sure sign that the gadgets were given as holiday gifts and have reached the point of mass acceptance.