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In U.S., Android Has Upper Hand On The iPhone

Sure, Apple's iPhone is trendy and cool, but smartphones running Google's Android operating system dominate the U.S. market. That's because Android phones sell at a wide range of price points. And many are built with specific uses in mind.

Terrorists Struggle To Gain Recruits On The Web

Terror groups are using social media to find new followers. But analysts say if you look at the recruiting numbers, the strategy has failed. What's more, their frank exchanges on Facebook and Twitter have been a boon to law enforcement.

Snow-Wash: North Korea Doctored Photo Of Kim's Funeral

The North Korean Central News Agency apparently deployed its latest weapon — Photoshop — to digitally remove a small group of mourners from the left edge of the funeral photo. The people watching Wednesday's procession were replaced by pristine snow.

Food Bloggers Take A Bite Out Of Kwanzaa

Thursday marks the fourth day of Kwanzaa, the weeklong celebration of African-American family, culture and life. The holiday also includes feasts that reflect the diversity of the African diaspora. Host Michel Martin speaks with Sanura Weathers, of the blog Kwanzaa Culinarians, about how various food bloggers are making their favorite recipes part of the Kwanzaa tradition.

GoDaddy's Support For Bill Draws Customers' Ire

Two bills to stop online piracy are being hashed out in Congress. Supporters call online piracy theft of intellectual property, while opponents say the bills amount to censorship. Declan McCullagh, the chief political correspondent for CNET, says some customers are boycotting domain registar GoDaddy for its initial support of one of the bills.

Year In Review: Mega Tech Brands Raise Megabucks

The year 2011 was tumultuous for stocks. But that didn't scare off mega-brands in technology. Twenty-eight tech companies went public and raised more than $6 billion — a whopping 85 percent increase over 2010. Winners included LinkedIn; busts included Groupon.

Young Innovators: Detecting Land Mines

All Things Considered host Robert Siegel speaks with Marian Bechtel, the 17-year-old inventor of a device that can detect land mines using sound waves. Earlier this year, Bechtel was awarded a fellowship from the Davidson Institute for Talent Development.