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How To Keep Your Smartphone Secure

In light of all the snooping by the government on individuals, it seems that it's not that difficult for anyone with the know-how to find out what you're doing. Bill Supernor, CTO of security company Koolspan, speaks to Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon about how to keep your smartphone safe.

Amid Ire At U.S., Germany Does Its Own Domestic Spying

Revelations that the NSA spied on foreign Internet communications are a particularly sensitive issue in Germany, where memories of privacy intrusions under communist rule in the east remain vivid. But the German government itself is beefing up existing surveillance in the name of fighting terrorism.

Facebook Bug Exposed Contact Information Stored On Profiles

The company says it has fixed the problem, which allowed users who were downloading data from the site to see email addresses and phone numbers for other people.

NSA Leak Could Be Bad Business For U.S. Tech Companies

Revelations that Google, Microsoft and other tech companies have been providing user data to the National Security Agency may have tainted those companies' reputations for independence. Those companies share information with the government, often voluntarily. In the process, many have earned the status of "trusted partners."

Beaming Internet to the Boondocks, Via Balloon

Rather than relying on cell towers, phone lines, or fiber optics, Google plans to beam 3G-speed Internet to the world's most inaccessible corners using helium balloons. The experiment is called "Project Loon." Leader Mike Cassidy talks about the project's first step: providing balloon Internet to New Zealand and the 40th parallel south.

Report: U.K. Spy Agency Taps Trans-Atlantic Fiber Optic Cables

The Guardian newspaper pins the revelation on more documents leaked by Edward Snowden. The paper says the British government collects a vast amount of information in an indiscriminate manner.

Pirate Bay Co-Founder Gets Two Years For Hacking And Fraud

Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, 28, was convicted of stealing personal information from a Swedish bank and a U.K.-based consultancy.

A Calculating Win for China's New Supercomputer

China's "Tianhe-2" (Milky Way 2) supercomputer took first place in one recent speed test, clocking in at 30 quadrillion calculations per second--about twice as fast as the best American machines. The U.S. still has more supercomputers than any other nation, but some experts say computer speed is a measure of a country's scientific innovation, and worry the U.S. is lagging behind.

Book News: Apple, DOJ Tussle As Ebook Price Fixing Trial Ends

Also: An Oklahoma salesman is accused of stealing $2.8 million in textbooks; Joseph Epstein on why Kafka is overrated.
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NASA's 'IRIS' Project Looks to Reveal Sun's Secrets

NASA is launching a mission on June 26 to study the mysterious "interface region" of the sun.