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Why Mobile Maps Sometimes Lose Their Way

Mapping streets is easy. The trick is pinning down businesses and giving accurate turn-by-turn directions, as many people discovered when Apple launched its apology-worthy Maps app for iOS 6. Rakesh Agrawal, principal analyst for reDesign mobile, talks about how mobile maps are made--and what can be done to improve them.

Google, Publishers Reach Deal On Book Scanning Plan

There is a settlement between Google and the major publishers over Google's initiative to scan the world's books.

Go To Jail For A Retweet? Filipino Lawmaker Tries To Ease Concern

Critics say a new "cybercrime prevention act" puts Filipinos at risk if they merely "like" or retweet libelous statements. But an author of the law says prosecutors would have to prove there was a conspiracy to spread such messages.

Google, Publishers Reach Deal On Book Scanning

The longer-running lawsuit with authors, however, is still unresolved.
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Kids And The Internet: New Privacy Rules?

As Web marketers increasingly target young audiences on the Web, new changes to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act present promise -- and perils -- for safeguarding young users.


Facebook Hits Major Milestone: 1 Billion Active Users

That means that one in seven people in the world access Facebook on a monthly basis.

Some Schools Actually Want Students To Play With Their Smartphones In Class

Smartphones and tablets can be a big distraction to students, but some schools are embracing these Internet-ready mobile devices as tools for learning. Bring-your-own-device policies have benefits in the classroom, but there are drawbacks, too.

Calif. Green-Lights Self-Driving Cars, But Legal Kinks Linger

Supporters of the technology say it will save a million lives a year and prevent a global carmageddon. But among the questions still to be worked out: If a self-driving car runs a red light and gets caught, who gets the ticket?