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Why California Farmers Are Conflicted About Using Less Water

Cities in California have been ordered to cut water use. Farms have not, yet. Inside the industry, there's a quiet debate: Does it makes sense to invest in water-conserving tech now — or later?

In Midst Of Drought, Why Not Harvest Water From The Air?

All Tech Considered explores some experimental and lesser-used technologies for harvesting and disinfecting water.

Saudi Women Can't Drive To Work; So They're Flocking To The Internet

With so many restrictions on their movements, it has never been easy for Saudi women to join the workforce. But the Internet has opened up a new range of opportunities to work from home.

Coming Soon To A Highway Near You: A Semitruck With A Brain

Self-driving cars are hot news, with Google and others showing off their latest innovations. Now expand that concept from four to 18 wheels, and you get the Freightliner Inspiration.

ABC Brings Muppets Back To Prime Time As News Emerges About Fall Shows

TV networks officially reveal fall schedules next week, but word has already spread on some new shows and cancellations. NPR TV Critic Eric Deggans says early trends include more diversity, big names.

The Unlikely Stars Of Americans' Favorite Video Games

More than a third of Americans play video games three or more hours a week. Part of the appeal is the richly developed characters in the games.

Being A Loyal Auto Insurance Customer Can Cost You

Businesses often reward their customers with discounts for sticking with them. But some auto insurance companies may raise your premiums if they think you're unlikely to shop for a better rate.

'Haqqathon' Takes Anti-ISIS Fight To Cyberspace

In Arabic, haqq is the word for truth. Muslim software designers gathered recently for a "haqqathon" to develop social media products that can compete with violent extremists online.

Crowdfunding Sought To Release Orson Welles' Unfinished Final Film

Producers ask for $2 million on the website Indiegogo to complete The Other Side of the Wind. Welles had intended for it to be his comeback movie.

NSA's Bulk Collection Of Americans' Phone Data Is Illegal, Appeals Court Rules

A three-judge panel said Congress did not intend to give the National Security Agency the authority to collect metadata about Americans' phone records in bulk when lawmakers wrote the Patriot Act.