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Neighbors Surprise Man By Using Sign Language; Hearts Melt

The story of how Istanbul residents learned sign language to create a special day for a neighbor has turned a Samsung ad into an international viral hit.

Apple's Partnership With HBO May Redefine Cable TV

Consumers will have to have an Apple device to subscribe to HBO Now, but then they can watch new and old HBO content on that device or their PC. It will cost $14.99 a month.

The Numbers Add Up To This: Less And Less Opportunity For Poor Kids

A new book and study both show that the ability to rise from poverty to the middle class truly is shrinking. A child without married, educated parents starts life at a huge and worsening disadvantage.

Neighbors And Fans Are Curious About Apple's Massive New HQ

The new Silicon Valley campus has been the subject of fevered speculation. A sneak preview finds a site full of green features, but neighbors may not be welcome to stroll the premises.

Apple Reveals Details Behind Highly Anticipated Smart Watch

Apple is banking that people will want to read or watch videos on the watch face. But the company already has a remarkable track record of creating desire for a device where it didn't exist before.

Solar-Powered Airplane Embarks On Attempt To Fly Around The World

The trip began Monday morning in Abu Dhabi, with a 13-hour trip to Muscat, Oman. On Tuesday, the plane flies to India.

#AppleWatchEvent: Apple Reveals Its Much-Anticipated Smart Watch

The cheapest one will cost $349 and prices go all the way up to $10,000 for one that is gold plated. For that, you can use your Apple Watch to make calls and check your heart rate.

App Aims To Track Engrained Corruption In Lebanon

A Lebanese lawyer has come up with a smartphone app that lets people anonymously report government corruption. It's helping shed light and might changes bad habits.

As Apple Watch Launches, Taking Stock Of Competitors And Possibilities

The tech titan's latest device/platform drops into a busy gadget niche that has a big gender gap among early adopters. Still, analysts are expecting more than 10 million sales in the first year.

In Kansas City, Superfast Internet And A Digital Divide

Kansas City boasts one of the fastest, most competitive Internet service markets. But people are still trying to figure out what to do with all that speed — and some neighborhoods aren't being served.