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'Mystery Science Theater 3000' Creator Raises $500K Toward New Season

Hours after launching a Kickstarter campaign to revive a TV show that made horrible movies enjoyable, Mystery Science Theater 3000 creator Joel Hodgson raised a quarter of his $2 million goal.

Federal Prosecutors Charge 3 In International Cyber Crime Spree

The indictments allege the defendants hacked JP Morgan Chase and other financial institutions, stealing data from some 100 million customers to lure victims into a stock trading scam.

Slow Wi-Fi? FM Radio Might Help With That

In crowded settings, neighbors' Wi-Fi networks can interfere with each other and slow down Internet connections. Northwestern University researchers find an unexpected traffic cop: FM radio.
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TT: When Companies Use Your Online Searches Against You

Today, our every move online--from that Facebook post about going to yoga to a search for a family lawyer--creates a detailed profile of us which can be collected and sold by data brokers and marketers.


How To Get Students To Stop Using Their Cellphones In Class

Go cold turkey or take tech breaks? Two professors offer different solutions.


As Kids Go Online, New Tools For Parents To Spy

As children get online earlier and stay there longer, a new crop of technology is evolving to limit what they can see — and to monitor their every move.

Another Dad Joins Facebook — President Obama

The president is billing his new page as "a place where you can hear directly from me."

#NPRYouthVote: Will Young Voters Lead Or Lag In 2016?

One year ahead of the 2016 elections, Michel Martin speaks with young voters in Iowa about the issues that matter to them, and whether candidates are using the right tools to reach them.

Cruz's Crew: You Play The Game, But It's The Cruz Campaign That Scores

Ted Cruz's campaign is hoping its app motivates supporters to volunteer and donate as well as turn over personal information.

Survey Finds Teens Spend Wealth Of Time With Screens

Teens spend more time consuming media than they do sleeping, according to a new survey. Jim Steyer, founder of the group behind the survey, talks with NPR's Scott Simon about the survey and what parents can do to set limits.