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Microsoft Gives Hotmail A Facelift, Says It Will Transition It To Outlook

If users are wedded to the @hotmail address, they will not be forced to shift.

Online Poker Companies Strike Deal With Justice, Will Reimburse U.S. Customers

Many players were left hanging when the FBI shutdown three online poker sites last year. Now, a deal means they'll get their money back.

London 2012 Lives Up To 'Social Games' Title, In Unwelcome Ways

The London 2012 Games have been touted as the first Olympics to live fully in the age of social media. But a rash of scandals related to Twitter has put a new mark on the face of the London Games. The stories range from a journalist's suspended account to a tweeting teen who has been arrested.

Spam Familiar In E-Mail, Now Flooding Your Phone

Spam text messaging is on the rise — it's estimated that American cell phone owners received billions of spam texts last year. And they're not just annoying, they can be costly, too. Host Michel Martin speaks with telecommunications expert Ben Levitan about what consumers and cell phone providers can do to prevent spam text messages.

Did Twitter Go Too Far? It Suspended Critic Of NBC's Olympics Coverage

Guy Adams of The Independent was among many contributing to the #NBCFail trending topic. Twitter suspended his account after he posted an NBC executive's email address. Adams says he didn't post private information, just something that was already public.

Tech Week Ahead: Apple And Samsung Battle In Court

Audie Cornish looks to the week ahead in tech with Steve Henn and Laura Sydell. They cover a trial between Apple and Samsung over smart phone patents.

Samsung Fight Among Many In Apple's Patent War

In a federal district court Monday, computing giant Apple will ask for more than $2.5 billion from rival phone maker Samsung for patent violations. If successful, the suit would be the most expensive patent violation in history. It's just one front in Apple's war against phones running Google's Android operating system.