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Drone Manufacturers Confident Domestic Industry Will Grow

Gathering in Washington, D.C., drone manufacturers say they are optimistic about their business, despite a downturn in defense spending. The unmanned vehicle industry is hopeful the domestic market will open up. But they first must address privacy concerns exacerbated by the NSA spying scandal.

The Next Disaster Scenario Power Companies Are Preparing For

Ten years after a cascading power outage across a broad section of the U.S. and Canada, utility operators and regulators are concerned about another blackout scenario: a massive cyberattack that could threaten the U.S. electric grid.

Teens Use Twitter To Thumb Rides

Need a ride to the party or the concert? Instead of making endless phone calls, these days teens turn to social media to arrange transportation. It's called ridesharing, a form of cyber-hitchhiking used by a generation that isn't rushing to get a driver's license or dream car.

Gmail Users Shouldn't Expect Privacy, Google Says In Filing

People who use Gmail and other free email systems have no reasonable expectation of privacy, according to court papers filed by lawyers for Google. The filing was made in June, when Google moved to dismiss a case accusing it of breaking laws by scanning users' emails to target them with ads.

'The New York Times' Site, Apps Return After Two-Hour Outage

The New York Times' website and app went down just after 11 a.m. ET and began returning just after 1 p.m. E.T. The news organization says it's an internal technical problem.

Man Learns How Not To Launch A Site For Women

The launch of a venture-backed new women's site was complicated by its founder's claims that it was "different" and that as CEO, "knowing the difference between mascara, concealer, and eye-liner is not my job."

This Little Thing May Help You Find Your Keys

In this edition of Weekly Innovation, we check out Tile, a stamp-size device that can be attached to any valuable item: a wallet, keys, laptop, even a dog collar. Using Bluetooth 4.0 with an iPhone app, users can find a lost or misplaced item that Tile is attached to.

AOL CEO Apologizes For Public Firing

CEO Tim Armstrong axed one of his employees during a conference call heard by more than 1,000 other staffers. "I acted too quickly," the AOL boss now says.

Hacking Real Things Becomes Child's Play At This Camp

Armed with technology know-how, teens and preteens are learning to hack everyday items and find bugs for major tech giants. Their work can pay off, with companies offering rewards for fixes.
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Clicking "Agree" Without Reading The Fine Print

Kojo explores what civil liberties could be getting lost in the "terms and conditions."