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The Effort To Write Laws For Your Digital Life After Death

Without uniformity around who controls digital assets after you die, families have to rely on Internet companies' varying terms of agreements. It can be a maddening lack of certainty in an already difficult time.

Book News: Justice Department Proposes Punishments For Apple

Also: The meaning of Homer's "wine-dark sea"; a look at Portnoy's Complaint and the rise of the Jewish sex scandal; the best books coming out this week.

Talking Robot Astronaut Heads To International Space Station

Japanese-built Kirobo, which measures at just over a foot tall and looks something like a child's toy, will act as a shipboard companion to future ISS Commander Kochi Wakata.

Digital Seen Surpassing TV In Capturing Our Time

2013 is the first year in which Americans will spend more time on digital online devices like laptops, smartphones and tablets than viewing traditional TV. Still, households that subscribe to Netflix watch about the same amount of traditional TV as non-Netflix households.
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The Computer Guys And Gal

The Computer Guys and Gal are back to talk about who's watching us online, what's new in smart phones and what to do when people threaten each other on social media.


Tech Week That Was: Suspicious Searches, Def Con And Moto X

A look back at the stories in technology and culture this week, including a dubious claim that a search for "pressure cookers" led police to a writer's door, the long-awaited report on MIT and Aaron Swartz, and the more amusing ideas in innovation.

Bradley Manning: Whistleblower Or Traitor?

Army Private Bradley Manning was convicted after turning over thousands of sensitive documents to Wikileaks. He may now face more than 100 years in prison. Host Michel Martin talks about what comes next with NPR's Arun Rath.

Book News: Battle Rages On In Amazon Vs. Overstock Price War

Also, Orhan Pamuk on the novel, Sherman Alexie on having his book banned; Kelly Clarkson bought a ring owned by Jane Austen but can't take it out of the U.K.

In New Video Game, China Seizes Disputed Islands From Japan

The game, first developed as a training tool for the People's Liberation Army, features an amphibious assault on the disputed Senkaku/Diaoyu islands in the East China Sea.

Google Ups Its Game Against Apple With New Smartphone

Google subsidiary Motorola announced on Thursday the launch of a new smartphone, the Moto X. The device, which will be made in America, represents a major plunge into hardware by Google — and pits the company against rivals Apple and Samsung.