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Megaupload Shut Down By The FBI

An indictment charges the file-sharing site with copyright infringement, racketeering and money laundering.

This App Was Made For Walking — But Is It Racist?

Microsoft now owns the patent to a new GPS feature that helps pedestrians avoid bad weather, difficult terrain and unsafe neighborhoods. Critics are calling it the "avoid ghetto" app, but others say it's just the next step in GPS technology.

Apple Carves Inroads In Educational Publishing

Apple announced it is getting into the electronic textbook business. The tech company is releasing new tools that make it easier for publishers to create new interactive textbooks designed to be used on Apple's iPad.
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File-Sharing Website Shut Down

The FBI and Justice Department are going after file-sharing site and its employees, after a Virginia grand jury indicted them on several counts.


Q&A: Congress, SOPA And A Fight Over The Web

Consideration of strong anti-piracy legislation known as SOPA in the House of Representatives led Wikipedia and other websites to "go dark," as a form of protest. The legislation touches on topics that roil passions in America's culture: copyright law, free speech and the Internet. Here, we answer basic questions about the bill, and where things may be headed.
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Local Lawmakers React To SOPA Blackout Protest

Several big websites are blacked out Wednesday in protest of the controversial and far-reaching Stop Online Piracy Act, prompting some local lawmakers to reconsider their support for the bill.


Wikipedia Goes Dark To Protest Anti-Piracy Bills

Wikipedia and dozens of websites went dark Wednesday to protest two bills in Congress that the entertainment industry says are needed to protect American movies and music from so-called "rogue" websites — foreign-based sites that specialize in copyright infringement.