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Nearly 6.5 Million LinkedIn Passwords Reportedly Stolen

A Russian hacker claims to have hacked into the business networking site. LinkedIn says compromised passwords have been disabled.

Apple To Google Maps: We Have Our Own App For That

A report in the Wall Street Journal says Apple may soon replace Google's popular Maps app as the iPhone default with its own mapping application. The move has broad implications for the multibillion-dollar smartphone market.

Apple, Google Battle Over Mobile Maps

Audie Cornish talks about the escalating war with mobile maps between Google and Apple with Jessica Vascellaro, senior technology reporter for The Wall Street Journal.

Depressed? Treatment May Be A Phone Call Away

Therapists can treat depression just as effectively over the phone as in person, research shows. And patients are more likely to stick with treatment because phone calls fit into busy lives more easily than regular visits to a clinician's office.
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Big Radio Upgrade Debuted For Maryland First Responders

Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley is debuting a new and improved digital emergency radio communications system for the state's first responders Tuesday.


Tech Week Ahead: Google Maps And Apple, E3

Robert Siegel looks ahead to this week's tech news with Laura Sydell. They discuss a possible divorce between Google Maps and Apple, and the upcoming E3 video game conference.

Game Review: 'Beat Sneak Bandit' Has A Rhythm From The Past

This app, inspired by tracks like James Brown's "Cold Sweat," has players tapping along to the beat of a different drummer. The result is jazzy, hepcat overtones, a sharp art style and a lot of syncopated fun.