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Will Cheap Computer Bridge India's Digital Divide?

India has unveiled what it says is the world's least expensive tablet computer, along with a promise to make the device available to the country's college students. Critics say it's a gimmick to avoid addressing the real problem: that India's education system is a mess.

Stuxnet Raises 'Blowback' Risk In Cyberwar

The Stuxnet computer worm successfully damaged centrifuges at a nuclear facility in Iran. Now, officials responsible for defending U.S. infrastructure fear that Stuxnet may have provided a blueprint for adversaries who may want to sabotage industrial operations in this country.

Paranormal Technology: Gadgets For Ghost-Tracking

Electromagnetic field detectors measure signals from faulty wiring and radio waves — but some paranormal investigators say they can also sense spirits. Temperature guns to track cold air in haunted sites are another key component in a ghost-hunter's toolkit. Scientific sense can be made of it all.

Automakers Want To Cut The Cord On Electric Cars

Plugging in an electric car — or parking it on a charging mat — may soon be a thing of the past. Robert Siegel talks to Rachel Kaufman of Scientific American about the new developments to boost car batteries on the go.

Entrepreneurship Lessons For The Academic-Minded

A new program is teaching university researchers how to make their promising new technologies a reality. They're mentored by entrepreneurs who help them rethink their strategy, and are told to treat everything they think they know about business as nothing more than a hypothesis.